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Eczema Treatment For Children – 3 Natural Remedies to Treating Eczema in Children

Eczema treatment for children is essential if your child suffers from this common skin condition which can cause restless nights. Common symptoms include redness, dryness and itchiness which can be extremely upsetting for you and your child. The following are 3 natural remedies to treating eczema in children and how you can significantly reduce the symptoms.

1. Regularly apply moisturizers with herbal ingredients

Keeping your child’s skin moisturized throughout the day is essential as dry skin will only worsen symptoms and cause more severe irritation. In fact, this will almost always lead to scratching of the affected area which can cause an infection. Be sure to use those ointments that contain ingredients such as aloe vera or witch hazel as these will help to provide soothing relief for your child.

2. Avoid external allergens

If you start to notice symptoms on your child after they eat a certain type of food or use a particular brand of soap, then it is essential that they stay from it. The cause of eczema is still largely unknown but there are external allergens and irritants which have been known to trigger outbreaks. If your child has a severe allergic reaction, then they may need over the counter treatments to counteract it.

3. Have your children take an oatmeal bath

Another effective treatment for eczema in children is the use of an oatmeal bath which is extremely soothing and can reduce irritation. Take two cups of powdered oat then put it in a tub full of warm water while letting your child bath for about 15-20 minutes. Following the bath, be sure to apply lotion on your child’s body so moisture does not escape.

These above methods are extremely effective in reducing symptoms of eczema but oral antihistamines can be taken for more serious rashes in order to reduce itching. Fortunately, a majority of such cases will go away well before the child hits their teenage years.

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