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Top 5 Homeopathic Pain Killers

Unfortunately pain is something that everyone will experience in life.  While pain is uncomfortable, it can actually be a good thing and there are homeopathic pain killers that can be taken to provide you with safe natural pain relief that is non narcotic.

When you have pain, what you are really experiencing is your body sending you a signal that something is wrong.  Imagine if you had a ruptured disc in your back (ok I’m feeling the pain just thinking about it!) and you were just walking around all day going about your every day responsibilities…working, exercising etc.  If you didn’t have any pain, you would not know something was really wrong. Pain is your natural defense against being injured for the long haul.

Pharmaceutical drugs have a host of harmful side effects so opting to take homeopathic pain killers when you are hurting is a wise choice.  I know after I had my foot surgery I decided against pharmaceutical drugs and chose the homeopathic route.  Boy, I’m glad I did.

Below is a list of pain killers that are not new to homeopathic care and are effective for many interested in using homeopathic pain killers:

Arnica is effective at treating arthritis, muscle sprains and strains, and bruises.  Arnica is an herb that’s derived from a yellow flower grown in European mountains.  Arnica can be applied topically in gel form or taken orally with another homeopathic treatment.  
Curcumin is a excellent because it helps to prevent and reduce inflammation.  Curcumin should be taken in capsule form with an enzyme called bromelain because your body absorbs it better.  Bromelain is also an anti-inflammatory agent and is used by many doctors to treat pain caused by arthritis.  When I was experiencing signs of rheumatoid and I told my doctor that I didn’t want to take medicine, she recommended Bromelain.  
Devil’s claw fights pain and inflammation but you have to be careful with this one if you have stomach problems.  Devil’s claw is actually a fruit that’s found in South Africa and has been used to help reduce back and arthritis pain.  
Feverfew is an age old homeopathic pain killer and works wonders at relieving headaches, arthritis pain and minor pain.  Feverfew is not only a natural pain killer but it has also been proven to stop headaches and migraines from creeping up.  Anyone with headaches should try this alternative pain reliever.  
Frankincense is known for its ability to treat chronic inflammatory pain in conditions such as arthritis.  This herb helps to greatly reduce pain associated with minor injuries as well.

Homeopathic pain killers are your safe option for reducing and even eliminating mild to chronic pain because they are non narcotic.  Even though taking certain herbs may have some side effects for different people, those side effects are much less harmful than those you get from taking pharmaceutical drugs.  As with anything, you should exercise caution and do your homework when deciding to take homeopathic pain killers.

Michelle is a full time working mother of three. She regularly researches and writes articles related to alternative health and has helped many people to achieve natural pain relief. Subscribe to The Stress Less newsletter for alternative stress and pain information like that contained in this article.

Homeopathic Medicines – Are There Any Risks Using Them?

If you were to try to compile a list of all the homeopathic medicines that have been used throughout history, then your fingers would need a homeopathy treatment for arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome before you were all done. Hundreds of different books have been written and published in the last hundred years alone. That does not take into account all of the homeopathic practitioners’ notes or special solutions that they have developed themselves. But for the sake of knowing what you are dealing with, here are a few of the ones that you definitely should pay attention to before taking.

A look at the ingredient list for many homeopathic medicines from the past may have you running for the bathroom. It was not uncommon for a remedies homeopathy to contain questionable ingredients, such as blood, tissue, respiratory discharge, urine and even fecal matter. Yes, that may be disgusting but you do have to remember that these treatments are diluted down so much that almost nothing of the original substances remained. Considering some of the more dangerous substances, this is a good thing.

Take for example Lachesis Muta, or more commonly known as the Bushmaster snake. This snake is one of the largest pit vipers in the world. And it is deadly. But homeopaths use the venom diluted down by water and/or alcohol to use for a variety of cures. It might seem dangerous but properly prepared, there is really nothing left of the venom in the final solution except the “essence.” It is probably far more dangerous to try and collect the venom than to use it as a homeopathic medicine.

Another great example is belladonna. The substance used is called Astropa belladonna and it is used to cure high fevers that come with redness, except that belladonna is part of the deadly nightshade plant family. A little belladonna can even act as a sleeping potion. Too much can cause death. So as you can see, though homeopathy medicine is for the most part harmless, it does come with a little risk if you do not know who prepared the solution.

Are you likely to die from homeopathic medicines made from toxic materials? The chances are pretty slim because the solution has been diluted down thousands of times. But it is good to know what you are ingesting or using when it comes to homeopathic medicine and cures. The more knowledgeable you are aware of about your treatment, the better off you will be. Visit a book store to find the latest homeopathic books.

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Homeopathic Medicine – Taking a Look at Its History

Though it may seem like the trend towards homeopathic medicine is something new, it actually is not. Homeopathic products have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Yes, there is a growing trend towards “natural styles” as a way of life that includes organic foods and homeopathic products.

These ideas are at the root of many of mankind’s current medications. How often do you take an aspirin? It may interest you to know that aspirin was developed from a compound called salicylic acid, which is found in willow tree bark and has been used for hundreds of years. Homeopathy has very deep roots in mankind’s history.

In 1796 Samuel Hahnemann was a practitioner who was studying current medical practices. At the time he observed that the medical practices being employed were using a system of opposites. He began to test and theorize that if you used the same or similar ingredient that caused the illness and diluted it, it would produce a cure. His new homeopathic medicine practices were immediately popular and homeopathy treatment for many illnesses began to be the most commonly used treatments used to help patients.

Chances are high that there is some form of homeopathic remedy for just about any ailment that you may have. The remedies homeopathic practitioners use may involve belladonna, duck liver, wolf bane and even some traditional herbs such as rosemary, thyme and lavender. It is not uncommon to find many herbal remedies used in lotions and bath oils because of the reported effects that they have on the body.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind should you decide to try out any homeopathic cures. The first is that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the ingredients nor does it guarantee their safety. There simply have not been any concrete studies performed that show these cures to be effective in any way, outside of being a placebo. The second thing to keep in mind is that some homeopathic cures may interfere with your prescription medication. Always notify your physician if you intend to start taking any over-the-counter medications.

Homeopathic practitioners will tell you that homeopathic medicine practices are completely safe and natural. But there is still so much that is not known nor proven about these practices. If you do decide to give homeopathy a try, then you need to pick up some homeopathic books to understand what ingredients and solutions are usually prescribed. Just make sure you document how the treatment is working for you.

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HCG Injection Diet Or Homeopathic Diet: Spicing Beef

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve chosen to work with the HCG injection diet or the homeopathic HCG diet…it can be tough to stick to the VLCD. The list of approved foods is short. But variety is still allowed. Dieters can absolutely take advantage of the full list of approved foods. Dieters should never cut out any foods for silly reasons like they don’t think they like it or they didn’t like it that one time they tried it. The list is too short for that silliness. There are also recipe guides that can be very careful. But many forget that they are allowed many spices on the diet. And there are many ways to use the approved spices to add variety to the limited diet. And that goes for both the homeopathic HCG diet and the HCG injection diet.

Think about your list of approved spices and then apply them to your approved list of meats. Yesterday’s article discussed poultry and the appropriate spices and seasonings that will maximize the taste and enjoyment that can be had from this simple protein. Today we’ll discuss just what to do with lean cuts of beef that will maximize their taste without breaking the HCG injection diet and homeopathic HCG diet rules.

Spices that work well for beef that are HCG approved are: chili powder, garlic, basil, bay leaf, oregano and thyme. Amongst the list of approved lean beef that are listed in the approved “cuts” are the roast and a few different popular steaks (with all fat cut off, of course). So try these popular options.

Are you making a roast? Don’t ignore the spices. You have to ditch the carrots and the potatoes are not allowed. But onions and celery are still a good addition. You might even want to try to chop up a head of cabbage and throw it in a half hour prior to pulling the roast out. Salt and pepper are the most basic options for roast when it comes to seasonings. But there are other seasonings you can try as well.

You might enjoy drizzling a mixture of vinegar and thyme over the roast/veggies before cooking it. Use the vinegar that is approved according to the protocol. Chop up the thyme and mix it in with the vinegar. Such a mixture leaves the meat tenderized and adds flavor.  

Regardless of what type of cut of beef you are going to be cooking you can use several different spice combinations. Less expensive cuts of meat will probably need to be marinate longer as well as cook a bit longer (at a lower setting).  

We already discussed the fabulous tenderizing result of the vinegar/thyme mixture, but you’ll also need a simple roast rub. Try this and make adjustments to the amounts as needed to accommodate your own tastes: 3 tablespoons of minced fresh parsley, 1 teaspoon of dried basil, 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary, 4 teaspoons of minced fresh garlic, 2 teaspoons of kosher salt and 1 teaspoon of crushed peppercorns.  

Combine the dried spices, fresh herbs and other ingredients into a small bowl and mix them thoroughly. Then rub them into the roast prior to placing it in your cooking apparatus. It should be an appropriate amount of seasonings for a 5 to 8 pound roast. It is helpful if you pat the roast dry prior to applying the seasonings.

This is just a start on what you can do with all the approved spices on your HCG injection diet or homeopathic HCG diet. If you make use of everything you are allowed on the diet you will be able to go much farther than you expect when it comes to providing tasty meals that provide you with the satisfaction of sticking to your diet and feeling like you had something “good for dinner.”

The HCG Diet Direct is a low calorie diet that helps dieters lose weight and keep the weight off. To find out more about HCG and the HCG diet, visit HCG Diet Direct.

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Taking a Look at the Back Relax Homeopathic Product

Back Relax is a new homeopathic product for back pain relief that you may not have heard of before. For $ 13.97 a bottle, this aspirin-free formula promises to deliver pain relief specifically where you need it; in the lower lumbar region, the sore neck and the shoulder blades. The market for homeopathic supplements is ever-growing, with more and more Americans looking for healthier alternatives to liver-destroying chemicals and dependency-creating drugs. While supplements may not be the magic bullet for everyone, some patients who have failed to respond to conventional treatment find that these supplements are their best hope for back pain relief.

Healthier You, the company behind Back Relax, has been around since 1995, marketing natural health products and supplements. President Jack Danforth promises, “Our products must do as we say they will. If not, you may return any unused portion – up to a full 90 days after receipt – for a courteous and complete refund of the purchase price. No questions asked, and no hassles.”

The company believes in harnessing the synergistic effects of different natural elements to create an effective, chemical-free treatment for your needs. “By combining the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science with the finest ingredients available, our formulations are said to be ahead of their time,” the website proudly declares. You can feel good knowing that there are no artificial binders or animal byproducts in these formulas. Also, since you are buying directly from the company, you don’t have to worry about paying outrageous markups.

Back Relax claims its “homeopathic properties temporarily stimulate your body’s own natural mechanisms to help soothe and ultimately relieve low-back agony when it attacks.” They say their special formula specifically seeks out areas like the lower lumbar, the shoulders and shoulder blades and the spinal region. Some of the active ingredients include Benzoicum Acidum, which is commonly used to treat joint pain; Colchicum Autumnale, which eases shooting pains; Rhus Toxicodendron, which eases tightness from holding the same position for long lengths of time; and sulphur, which provides soothing relief in neck and lumbar areas.

According to the manufacturer’s website, “Vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids, whole food complexes work best when taken consistently and regularly over a prolonged period of time.” Back Relax has been designed as a safe, natural alternative to conventional medications, but it takes some patience when you’re getting started. The payoff doesn’t always occur immediately, as your body acclimates to the new material coming in. It’s also recommended that you take a daily multi-vitamin and incorporate things like exercise, stretching, meditation and healthy eating into your lifestyle for maximum results.

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Homeopathic Medicine – A Short History of How and Why

Homeopathic medicine has been in dispute since it’s inception but it’s origination was to help treat sickness, not cause sickness,by stimulating the immune system in it’s natural responses. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, was a non-believer of medical treatment methods such as bloodletting, leeches and encouraging vomiting and bowel release in the late 1700s. He felt there had to be a better way to cure illness.

At that time one of the more serious diseases was malaria, which was treated with quinine, but Hahnemann was not convinced of the rationale behind why quinine worked when it did. Samuel Hahnemann started what would later be called “provings” by administering quinine to himself, even though he was not suffering from malaria. What he found were the symptoms of taking quinine were remarkably similar to the same symptoms one had with malaria. Those similar symptoms were fever, headaches, extreme thirst, chills etc. From those observations on himself he postulated that certain substances worked because they duplicated the body’s defense mechanisms used to rid oneself of the disease.

Hahnemann started investigating certain substances, later to be known as homeopathic remedies, by giving the substances to healthy people and observing the symptomatic responses of healthy people to these substances. He used herbs, minerals and other substances including small doses of arsenic. His rationale was the body reacted to certain substances with observable physical symptoms such as hand sweating, flush of the face, rashes, etc. and he began to record the observations in what would become the homeopathic’s PDR ( Physician Desk Reference ), the Materia Medica. This became a compilation of symptoms produced by the administration of these substances to healthy people.

Over time the practice of homeopathy became observing how the sick patient presented him/her self and prescribing substances that would produce similar symptoms in healthy patients. The logic was these substances were actually stimulating the patient’s immune system to overcome naturally the pathogen that had caused the illness. Often after beginning treatment the patient actually would feel worse since the enhanced symptomatic response made the patient more uncomfortable. This was viewed as assistance to the immune system in responding and enhanced the lethal effect of the immune system to rid the body of the pathogen. The actual medicine itself was the result of putting in the substance, tritating ( slow shake ) , and then putting the small residual liquid with the substance in it into a small pill ( pillule).

The basic principal was to use the smallest amount of a substance necessary to effect the response. This became known as the “law of minimals” and it resulted in some of the treating substances being so minimal that the original substance showed no trace amounts in the pillules. It was argued that the efficacious use of the homeopathic substance was it’s “essence of energy” and it was not necessary that traceable amounts of the original physical ingredient had to be present. It is that explanation that has led many to say homeopathy is only a placebo effect and has no long lasting therapeutic benefit.

There have been double blind studies (22) showing homeopathy working better than a placebo treatment. Many of the double blind studies were performed by epidemiologists.

Today there are many people who believe homeopathic principles and treatments do effect therapeutic relief and are in favor of the use of homeopathy when appropriate.

Bob Johnson is owner/founder of MedFaxx, Inc. and has multiple patents for non pharmacological treatment of chronic pain, decubitus ulcers, using electrotherapy and ultraviolet F.D.A. approved medical devices.

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Homeopathic Approach For Paralysis

Paralysis, the total loss of voluntary motor function, results from severe cortical or pyramidal tract damage.
It can occur with a cerebrovascular disorder, degenerative neuromuscular disease, trauma, tumor, or central nervous system infection.

Presentation of the case:

Paralysis can be local or widespread, symmetrical or asymmetrical, transient or permanent, and spastic or flaccid.

It’s commonly classified according to location and severity as paraplegia sometimes transient paralysis of the legs, quadriplegia permanent paralysis of the arms, legs, and body below the level of the spinal lesion, or hemiplegia unilateral paralysis of varying severity and permanence. Incomplete paralysis with profound weakness paresis may precede total paralysis in some patients.

Medical causes:
Bell’s palsy:
Bell’s palsy, a disease of cranial nerve VII, causes transient, unilateral facial muscle paralysis. The affected muscles sag and eyelid closure is impossible. Other signs include increased tearing, drooling, and a diminished or absent corneal reflex.

This bacterial toxin infection can cause rapidly descending muscle weakness that progresses to paralysis within 2 to 4 days after the ingestion of contaminated food. Respiratory muscle paralysis leads to dyspnea and respiratory arrest. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blurred or double vision, bilateral mydriasis, dysarthria, and dysphagia are some early findings.

Brain abscess:
Advanced abscess in the frontal or temporal lobe can cause hemiplegia accompanied by other late findings, such as ocular disturbances, unequal pupils, ataxia, tremors, and signs of infection.

Variable paralysis develops in the late stages of this disorder. Earlier signs and symptoms include rapidly possibly coma, fever, headache, photophobia, vomiting, signs of meningeal irritation presenting as nuchal rigidity, positive Kernig’s and Brudzinski’s signs, aphasia, ataxia, nystagmus, ocular palsies, myoclonus, and seizures.

Head trauma:
Cerebral injury can cause paralysis due to cerebral edema and increased intracranial pressure. Onset is usually sudden. Location and extent vary, depending on the injury. Associated findings also vary but include sensory disturbances, such as paresthesia and loss of sensation; headache; blurred or double vision; nausea and vomiting; and focal neurologic disturbances.

Migraine headache:
Hemiparesis, scotomas, paresthesia, confusion, dizziness, photophobia, or other transient symptoms may precede the onset of a throbbing unilateral headache and may persist after it subsides.
Myasthenia gravis:

With this neuromuscular disease, profound muscle weakness and abnormal fatigability may produce paralysis of certain muscle groups. Paralysis is usually transient in early stages but becomes more persistent as the disease progresses. Associated findings depend on the areas of neuromuscular involvement; they include weak eye closure, ptosis, diplopia, lack of facial mobility, dysphagia, nasal speech, and frequent nasal regurgitation of fluids.

This disorder can produce insidious, permanent flaccid paralysis and hyporeflexia. Sensory function remains intact, but the patient loses voluntary muscle control.

Spinal cord injury:
Complete spinal cord transection results in permanent spastic paralysis below the level of injury. Reflexes may return after spinal shock resolves. Partial transection causes variable paralysis and paresthesia, depending on the location and extent of injury.

Therepaeutic approach:

Phosphorus :
It has also proved useful in paralysis from fatty degeneration of the nerve cells, and in such cases the symptoms will point to it. Progressive spinal paralysis calls for the remedy.

Alumina :
It has paralysis of the lower extremities, especially of spinal origin. The legs are so heavy that the patient can scarcely drag them; weariness even while sitting.

Paralysis, with atrophy, is the watchword of Plumbum. Wrist drop, paralysis of the extensors. Paralysis due to sclerosis or fatty degeneration.

Paralysis with contractions.

Plumbum in paralysis of the lower extremities,and it does seem to affect the upper extremity more than the lower.
Ptosis, heavy tongue, constipation, paralysis after apoplexy, with pale, dry cold skin.

Tremor followed by Paralysis.
Aconite is the sovereign remedy for almost every species of paralysis, and its symptoms are certainly indicative of the truth of his assertion. It has the well-known numbness and tingling. Facial paralysis accompanied with coldness from exposure to dry, cold winds, especially in acute cases, well indicate the remedy.

This remedy has paralysis of central region; the sensation is little involved , and the tendency of the paralysis is to move from below upwards.

Acute ascending paralysis.
Paralysis of the aged.

Nux vomica:
Paralysis of the lower extremities, contractive sensations and heaviness in the limbs. Paralysis of the bladder in old men.

This remedy is indicated in facial paralysis and also in paralysis of old people It also has paralysis after apoplexy; there is want of steadiness. Facial paralysis of young people where the tongue is implicated.

Causticum :
It has also paralysis of single parts, face, tongue, pharynx, etc. In paralysis which is remote form apoplexy, the paralysis remaining after the patient has recovered otherwise, inability to select the proper word is an important indication. Other evidences of its paretic conditions are found in the aphonia and the weakness of the sphincter vesicae. It is also a great remedy in ptosis of rheumatic origin.

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Homeopathic Medicine Centre ? Helps in best Natural Health

For over thousands of years our ancestors are working and researching hard to find remedy for disorders in body through natural means. They are mainly focused on extracts of plants and herbs. With such extensive work only, a natural science has been evolved in the form of homeopathy. It uses natural substance as its remedy which can generate symptoms in an ill individual to treat symptoms in his body. It works on the ‘law of similarity’ which considers that like can be treated by like compounds. Samuel Hahnemann is considered as the founder and father of homeopathy.

For homeopathic treatment, all over the world several homeopathic medicinal centers have been established. These centers have experienced practitioners and doctors who provide you proper medication with basic precautions. Homeopathic centers are well equipped with modern instruments and labs for the preparing medicines. Cleanliness and hygiene are the basic focus during their preparation. Besides remedies they suggest you for proper diet and healthy surroundings. They have quick and effective solution for children ailments like cough, colds, fever, vomiting, dysentery, bronchitis, asthma, measles, chicken pox, dentition problems etc. unlike other traditional medication it does not hampers digestion and do not affect immune system negatively. Instead it raises immune power.

Homeopathic medicinal centers have all types of remedies present that help in best natural health. These remedies are prepared from extracts of plants, animals and minerals. Sometimes some harmful and pathogenic compounds are also added which are known as nosodes. There is a special method to prepare these medicines. The process is termed as dynamisation or potentisation. In this compounds are first made fine powder which is then mixed with alcohol and water. This is then shaken vigorously through a process named as succession. With this they are diluted to extend so that substance cannot cause any harm in body but just activate immune system to release antibodies.

Homeopaths in these centers advise you suitable remedies after having long conversation with you regarding your personal and professional life. It is very important for them to know about your physical, mental and emotional status as this will help them to find out the reason for your illness. First visit to them lasts for a long, after that in successive visits they will observe changes in your body with their medication and change the doses accordingly.

These homeopathic medicinal centers also provide their online services in which they have telephonic conversations with you. After listening about your symptoms and problems, they will suggest you proper remedied. They themselves ship them which are delivered to you through their local services. But for an effective result, it is better to visit a local homeopath. Personal visit make it easier for them to understand your problem. They have certain packages from which you can choose which suits your budget. In general, this is very cost effective treatment which you can easily afford.

Thus from above information you can very well conclude that homeopathy helps in best natural health without any side effects and harmful reactions. This has been widely accepted around the world as an effective and assured treatment for various disorders and highly professional doctors are opting for this. It brings every individual to highest level of health be it emotionally, mentally or physically.


George Jhon is an Author for Backonyourfeet, A
Homeopathic Medicine Centre where our highly skilled experts may help you in
Homeopathic Treatments to find out the root cause for eliminating your diseases permanently. For more information, visit


7 Remedies to Get Pregnant Fast – Highlights About Homeopathic Cure to Conceive a Baby Faster

Have you been planning to get pregnant for more than 6 months without any success? Are you starting to get worried about it? Well, take it easy! There are many factors (biological, physiological, psychological, environmental etc…) that are involved to having troubles conceiving a baby. But fortunately, there are solutions too! One of them consists to follow a homeopathic treatment. Why is the principle of this soft medicine? Which are the seven most effective homeopathic remedies to get pregnant faster? Can homeopathy work for you?

Homeopathy Principle

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that takes patient’s body, mind and spirit into consideration. Its main rule is based on the following Latin law: “Similia Similibus Curantur” which means ‘like cures like’. For example, the very substance able to produce symptoms of sickness in a healthy person will be the right remedy for a patient who is suffering from the similar symptoms. It is something like to introduce an inoffensive disease into the patient’s body (which will cause the same symptoms in a healthy person) in order to cancel the present health problem out! The idea is to match the symptoms of sickness with the suitable homeopathic remedy.

Seven Remedies to Get Pregnant Faster

1) Ovanirium – 7 C
2) Folliculinum – 7 C
3) Progesteronum – 7 C
4) Luteostimuline
5) Lycopodium – 9C
6) Gelsenium – 9C
7) Calcarea – 30C (for your mate;it helps to increase sperm count.)
Important Information
If you make up your mind to try this soft and safe therapy, it would be better to consult first a practitioner of homeopathy. Please, don’t take homeopathic remedies which have not been prescribed by a competent doctor!
Can Homeopathy Work for You?
I don’t really want to stir up controversy about the problem of homeopathy’s reliance. But you need to understand that this therapy has been the subject of many studies in order to clarify whether it is reliable or not. As the result, any study has been able to prove the effectiveness of its remedies. Some people say that homeopathy remedies are no more effective than placebos. Others say it works very well in their case, whether it is psychological or not.
Is there a reliable plan to get pregnant fast?

To tell the truth, any plan or method can work 100%! As we have mentioned before, there are so many factors that are involved to having problems getting pregnant fast. But, some plans are more effective than the others because they take a large range of factors in consideration to treat the root cause of the problem. It is the case of Michellle’s plan.

Michelle saw a lot of specialists and none of them had been able to help her to get pregnant. She thought she’d never have a baby. Fortunately, Michelle finally gave birth to a beautiful son following a plan that worked within 4 short months. Feel free to read Michelle’ story in her Get Pregnant Fast review!  

Alexis Roger is a French biochemist who loves investigating and teaching. He has studied various fields of science such as pharmacology, physiology, endocrinology, chemistry, bacteriology, anatomy and botanic. He displays a great interest in international alternative medicine therapies.

Homeopathic Centre – A Place for Whole Family Health Care

Homeopathy is a natural remedy that is becoming popular these days due to its effectiveness and harmless in comparison to other techniques of treatment. This is a combination of science and nature that proves to be very beneficial for human beings. Homeopathy word has been derived from the Greek word homio meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering. German physician Samuel Hahnemann is known as the father of homeopathy as he first discovered the idea that like cures like.

Homeopathic medicines which are termed as remedies work on this principle only. They are basically prepared from the plant, animals and sometimes some minerals also. Theses medicines include the infective material that has caused disease in your body. But that substance is present in much diluted form. Water and alcohol are mainly used as diluting agents. This substance activates immune system of body thus activating formation of antibodies in body. These antibodies then fight with the infective material thus curing you.

For homeopathic treatment you can visit any homeopathic centre which is a place for family health care. A homeopathic center has treatment for all major and minor illness. But the process of treatment of a homeopath is somewhat different from the traditional system of medication. Unlike other allopathic doctor’s visit, first visit to a homeopath will take 2-3 hours of yours. In this he will ask about all information not only related to disease but also your personal life. He will enquire about your emotional and mental status, and will take complete knowledge about your lifestyle. This information is very essential for him to take out your remedy.

In your second visit he will suggest you any remedy keeping in kind your personal and family history. Once you have taken initial treatment he will analyze the effect of those in further visits. In case body is responding nicely, that means you are given proper cure. Accordingly he will suggest you more prescriptions. Homeopathic remedies have brief intensification effect in body but then it settles down in 2-3 days. This treatment takes around 2-3 months but if you have healthy surroundings with stress free mind along with timely doe of medicines you can reduce your curing time.

Homeopathic centers have so many experts who sometimes make you sit there for long hours because some treatments require every hour dose. This is to have early and instant effect in some cases. Now days due to its popularity online homeopathic consultation have also been started. They listens to all your symptoms and problems and then ship you remedied accordingly but it is always better to go to a homeopathic center as it is a place for whole family health care. The effect which you can observe to a local center is not seen form online consultation.

Moreover homeopathic centers charge you less as compared to online remedies as their charge include their shipping and other transportation cost. Homeopathy has its own benefits along with being cost effective. Any class of individual can afford it easily. Some homeopathic centers also provide remedies for free. But choose your expert very cautiously after assuring yourself with his previous works.

Thus being a place for whole family health care with remedies for all diseases you need not search for any specialist for any illness. Though a bit slow, homeopathy promises you a sure treatment without any harm. Enjoy the benefits of this natural healing process.


George Jhon is an Author for Backonyourfeet, A Homeopathic Centre where our highly skilled experts may help you in Homeopathic Treatments to find out the root cause for eliminating your diseases permanently. For more information, visit