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Natural Home Remedies For Weight Loss

This is just some of the home remedies for weight loss that has an incredible history and alot of really resourceful things it is used for, one of which is supposedly being a fat magnet. One thing you should know if you are thinking about trying this as one of the home remedies for weight loss – if you have shellfish allergies do not take this product.

Chitosan is a starch found mostly in crab, shrimp and other shellfish-like skeletons. Its has many uses, the one we are going to focus on is the one used as one of the home remedies for weight loss. I know you are probably wandering where does Chitosan fit into losing fat? Here’s where the fat magnet thing comes into play. Its mostly sold in health food stores and known as a substance that grabs fat from your digestive system and gets rid of it from the body. This would mean a dieter could more than most likely lose weight without eating less.

Researchers has proven that ‘unmodified’ Chitosan could possibly take out about 30 calories a day from the average persons diet. Now ‘modified’, this product is said to have boasts claims of absorbing anywhere from three to six times its weight in oil and fat.

It seems that Bitter Orange is the “next” ephedra, and as such has much of the same side effects. Home remedies for losing weight that have Bitter Orange in them are sold as Ephedra Free when in reality their make up is pretty much a mimic of the ephedrine in Ephedra. All the more reason why you need to be reading labels as much as possible and research the ingredients on any product you are considering for your weight loss.

Now one of the most popular home remedies for weight loss method is cleansing your body of the toxins and bad materials that are built up within. Performing a cleansing of the body is just that, a cleansing of you body and its tissues and organs. This process of cleansing is pretty much like pushing the restart button on your body. All the conditions you may have formed from a bad diet and lifestyle will start to disappear. Cleansing diets are designed to help give your body the nutritional support it needs to function at an optimum level.

To better help you understand what cleansing of the body means we will break it down. The body needs to rid itself of harm toxic elements through the skin, lungs, colon and bladder. To help assist with this, your body will use its liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. The liver is the main organ of the body that is solely responsible for body detox. If the liver is not functioning properly it cannot change some of these harmful elements like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, into waste matter. If your liver doesn`t work, you are poisoning yourself. This is probably the best method and most used as one of the many home remedies for weight loss. 

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Natural Remedies For Mole Removal

Moles are clusters of pigmented cells. They appear in different shapes like circular, oval or protruding. Their color shows variation from pink to black.

The reason for the cause of mole may be hereditary, proliferation of the pigment cells and exposure to sunlight.

Natural Remedies to Remove Mole

To lighten the moles you can apply fresh cut pineapple on the affected area. Applying it several times a day can lighten moles in 2 to 3 days.
You can also try another effective treatment of applying the juice of fig stems. Once you apply the juice leave the area for sometime and then wash it with clean water.
You can try massaging the affected area with castor oil. Using it at least twice a day will reduce itching in the area.
You can apply extract of grape fruit 3 to 4 times a day and cover the area with a bandage.
Another effective natural remedy would be application of tea tree oil.
Application of ground coriander helps in removal of moles in few days.
Try applying mixture of ground flaxseeds with flaxseeds oil and raw honey.
Take a root of dandelion and rub it on the area. Repeat it thrice a day.
Place a crush of garlic on the affected area and cover it with bandage. This is one of the simplest remedy.
Application of the extract of milkweed herb on the mole will reduce its appearance in a week.
You can also try applying crushed vitamin C tablets on the affected area and covering it with adhesive bandage.
Applying some tincture of iodine at night can also help to moles to vanish. Try this for 2 to 3 days.

You need a professional guidance if your mole is problematic or else natural remedies are proved to effective remedies for curing any kind of mole. As moles appear on any part of the body you need to discuss about using any natural remedy, as depth of mole might differ considering different conditions.

How To Remove A Mole? Here is the answer-
The proven natural technique is genuine and stands the test of time. The natural technique definitely thwarts the wart and moles that you hate almost in 3 days.

Natural Remedies For Wart Removal

Warts are caused due to a kind of HPV virus. It shows growth on the skin and commonly on hands and feet. Warts may appear singly or in clusters. There are generally three types of warts: common, planter and genital.

Common warts generally do no cause pain or itching and occur on the hands, knees, face, and skin around the nails, fingers and elbows. It is caused due to constant friction, trauma or abrasion.

Planter warts do not tend to spread it other parts of the body and occur on the sales of the feet and the underside of the toes. They have identifiable hard center.

Genital warts are soft and occur around vagina, anus, penis and scrotum. The viruses of genital warts are contagious and can be transmitted through vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. If a mother is suffering from genital warts, then a baby to contract the virus.

Natural Remedies for Warts

Follow your diet with more quantity of asparagus, citrus fruits eggs, garlic and onions. They increase the amount of sulfur, which is best remedy against wart.
You can apply Aloe Vera juice directly on the affected area to vanish the warts.
To dissolve wart and tone your skin you can apply mixture of papaya, pineapple, banana peel and figs. These contain enzymes that help in eradication of warts.
You can also apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball and gauze bandage it. Leave it for a night and you may see the difference.
Another effective way is to apply crushed garlic about 2 to 3 times in a day. Every time cover it with a bandage.
Application of fresh milky sap of a leaf or a stem of a milkweed directly on wart once a day works effectively without causing irritation and infection to skin.

The above mentioned remedies are verified to be best and simplest natural remedies to destroy wart. Professional guidance is ever ready bringing along the habit forming of medication. But as the types of wart differ due to viruses, you need a natural stepwise guidance to follow to get rid of your warts.

How To Remove A Wart? Here is the answer-
The proven natural technique is genuine and stands the test of time. The natural technique definitely thwarts the wart and moles that you hate almost in 3 days.

Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

Panic attack is sudden psychological reaction of a body to an unwanted situation. These attacks are temporary initially, and may last from a couple of minutes to half an hour.

Panic attack shows common symptoms like, dizziness, numbness in hands, headaches, palpitation, raised heartbeat, trouble in breathing, stomach pain, etc. A serious panic attack may show symptoms like, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, weakness, exhaustion, chest pains, fear of dying, etc.

Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Fortunately, there are certain natural or home remedies that work on panic attack. It is proved that natural remedies not only reduce the pain but also helps in getting rid of anxiety disorder and panic attack. Some natural or home remedies can be:

If you feel like getting panic or anxiety attack, then best way is to start counting in your mind. You can either start in descending order of counting. This helps you control attack by distracting your mind from the situation for a while.
As panic attacks are sudden you may breathe faster and feel hyperventilate. Practicing breathing techniques can help you calm your breath. Taking deep breathe in and slow leaving out, can help you greatly.
Some fragrances give the feeling of calmness. A favorite smell can help you to stop anxiety attack in its track. Use some fragrances around you, may be like that you can feel relaxed.
Another best remedy is to stay active throughout the day and you can be so only if you practice exercise regularly. Exercise not only keeps your body and mind healthy but also strengthens you to control panic attacks. Exercise lowers the frequency of panic attacks.
Your diet also plays an important role in controlling panic attack. You should have your diet at regular intervals. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and other similar stimulants in your diet. Your health helps in improving the thinking power and hence minimizing the attack.
Practicing yoga and meditation helps in eradicating symptoms of anxiety attack. It helps your body and mind to relax and also increases your resistance power towards anxiety disorders and anxiety attack.

Natural remedies do work and minimize the symptoms of attack but what your disorder requires is a sequential guide, as panic attack shows different symptoms to different people. If you feel that your attacks are unmanageable and disturbing your day routine then you need a professional guidance.

To Overcome Panic Attack Naturally, you need to find a perfect natural technique which should help you to understand the problem and give a perfect solution to over come it.

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13 Natural Remedies For Hypertension

Almost one in three adults in the U.S. has hypertension (high blood pressure), but since sometimes there are no symptoms, almost a third of them don’t even know they have it.

So no matter how healthy you feel…always have your blood pressure checked often.

I have suffered from” diagnosed” hypertension for over ten years now…probably had it many years before I was diagnosed.  I have the kind that can be perfectly normal one minute and sky rocket up the next.

This year through watching what I eat (most of the time) and using some of these herbal and home remedies listed below…I have finally got my blood pressure under control and am off my hypertension medicine.

I still check my blood pressure often and monitor it closely….but so far so good!

Here are some great natural hypertension remedies and tips:

HAWTHORN BERRIES: Strengthens the heart. Lowers blood pressure. Relaxes arteries. Make a tea of the flowering tops or a decoction of the berries or can take in capsules. Tincture recipe-Hawthorn Brandy: Pick the flowering shoots (with flowers and leaves)-(see last picture on this page), wash, dry, and pack into a large jar, Cover with brandy and leave in a cool place for 2 weeks. Strain off the liquid, bottle, and label. Dose: 2 tablespoons daily).
LAVENDER OIL: Soothes and relaxes. Can use in a relaxing warm bath or massage.
NEROLI: Massage Blend for High Blood Pressure – Add 3 drops neroli, 3 drops celery, 4 drops rose to 1 fl. oz. (25ml) of 5 teaspoons grapeseed or vegetable oil and use for gentle massage.
LAVENDER, MARJORAM, and YLANG YLANG: Regular massages with this combination of essential oils can have beneficial effects
POTASSIUM: Helps generate energy, helps maintain balance of body fluids, drives excess sodium out of the body, supports kidney function, provides essential nutrients for muscles like the heart, promotes proper nerve transmission, and activates cellular cleansing.
ANTIOXIDANTS: Found in fresh fruit and vegetables. Provides key nutrients needed by the body to neutralize free radicals, helps prevent cellular damage, and boost immunity.
GARLIC: The best home remedy you can take for high and low pressure alike! Can take in capsules or just eat plenty of fresh raw garlic, which acts as a tonic to the circulatory system and maintains its health. Tends to normalize blood pressure to the level it should be. (Note: Do not take if you are on blood thinning medication without consulting your doctor first. Garlic is a natural blood thinner)
CONCORD GRAPE JUICE: Studies show drinking the juice regularly may help lower blood pressure.
FIBER: One of the most interesting high blood pressure natural remedies is “Psyllium”. Also referred to as plantago. It has one of the highest levels of soluble fiber known-much more than that of oat bran. Can play an important part in helping the body maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range and may help to support cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.
MAGNESIUM: Is highly bioavailable, is alkalizing, promotes musculoskeletal health, supports a healthy biological terrain, supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
POMEGRANATE JUICE: Drinking the juice regularly may help lower your pressure.
AVOID SALT: This is essential for hypertension. Read the labels: Many foods contain sodium. Look for “salt,” “sodium,” “soda,” or “Na” on the label. Also avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate), baking soda, saccharin, soy sauce, diet soft drinks, preservatives, and meat tenderizers.(Man, I struggle with this one….I love my salt!….I use a salt substitute most of the time…but there are times I just have to have my salt).
AVOID STRESS: Stress, fear, anger, and pain increases hypertension. Adequate daily outdoor exercise helps reduce the effects of stress.(I struggles with this one too…it’s easier said than done…but I am managing to handle it a little bit better lately…until another nerve-racking deadline comes up at work again).

Don’t put it off any longer…start today watching your diet, exercising, and utilizing some of the natural hypertension remedies mentioned above. You owe it to yourself and your family to do the very best you can to monitor and control your blood pressure.

Vickey Boatright, author of the website: a resource for herbal and home remedies for various ailments such as hypertension, allergies, arthritis, heartburn, stress, skin, insect bites, toothaches, and many more. Free herbal ebook with how to use and cautions on over 40 different herbs available for instant download.

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Natural Remedies For a Sinus Infection

Sinus difficulties are one of the most common illnesses we can get. Every one of us is experiencing and being bothered by this illness every so often. Throughout the years, many treatments and cures have been developed in order to cure this viral problem. Doctors offer medications that alleviate the discomforts brought about by this sickness. However, these remedies are oftentimes costly.

There are also effective herbal and natural remedies you can try. It is only up to you what kind of treatment you prefer. Natural treatments are generally anything that has not had any chemical or artificial alterations. Natural medicines come from pants and herbs. It is proven effective and is preferred mostly by advocates of the environment. They believe in the healing strength of plants around.

Natural treatment is cheaper because it does not need any machine or equipment. Some natural methods are described below.

First of all, you can try nasal irrigation. It is a preventive measure that you may consider in order to eliminate your sinus difficulties. Nasal irrigation with a saline solution is one method that will help you control sinus symptoms and may possibly lead to curing some mild infections. This includes procedures and steps that can be done at home.

It is not a new discovery but many professionals recommend it to their patients who are suffering from chronic sinuses and other respiratory disease. It is a very natural, and most of all, an effective method. It can be done any time, especially when you are feeling congested. In doing so, it will provide you with immediate relief.

Another natural treatment is drinking plenty of liquids especially water. Being hydrated can prevent the mucous membranes from thickening. Liquids can help thin the mucous. You need to drink water or tea and other clear drinks for fast relief. Some would make calamansi, orange or lemon juice. These are citric drinks that also help cure sinus.

Stay away from dairy products when you have a sinus. Dairy products have substances that trigger the formation of more mucous and make breathing more difficult. This is according to some doctors. Dairy food like cheese, milk and even ice cream may worsen the sinus. These products should be avoided especially when you have sinus problems.

You must also take in foods that contain high levels of antioxidants, like spinach, berries, tomatoes, broccoli, grapes and garlic. They help in boosting one’s immune system. They also help in preventing sinus problems and infections. These foods are proven to be helpful in treating sinus problems as well as other health problems.

You can also opt for the steam treatment. Steam helps keep the mucous loose so that it can keep it moving in the sinuses. Sinus infections occur, once the mucus thickens and is not properly drained. You can apply moist heat directly to your face in order to keep your sinuses open.

Hot compress will work as decongestant. There are many heat packs available in the market. They can be warmed up in a microwave easily. You can also boil hot water and dip a face towel on it as an alternative to heat packs. Or you can put hot water in a bottle. Wrap the bottle with a towel before applying to your forehead.

A cold compress on the other hand relieves sinus headaches when you put it in your forehead. The cooling effect helps shrink the membranes and will bring relief from your sinus pain and headache. You can also add some apple cider vinegar on the solution for the steam. You can also dilute it in water and drink it for relief, especially when you feel that a sinus infection is about to start. Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in other illnesses.

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Help 101 – Natural Remedies For Candida

With going au naturelle being a proven path in medicinal cures, natural remedies for Candida may be the answer to your vaginal infection woes. And since they are natural, they are easily accessible to anyone with common sense, self discipline, and the luck to get out of stressful situations and polluted environments.

Although Candida albicans, the specific class of Candida that causes yeast infection, is present in our bodies, they live at relatively harmless states. That is, until they multiply and their growth is beyond our system’s control. It is at this stage that they become a disease.

Fungi, being highly communicable, make yeast infection fairly common. All the more is it extra likely to manifest in women in the form of vaginal infection. This is due to the fact that the female’s reproductive organ’s anatomical structure (wow, that’s a mouthful!) encourages moisture buildup that subsequently leads to the escalation in the growth of Candida. Furthermore, women go through hormonal changes at least once a month. The resultant rise and fall in the acidity level of the genitals promotes the growth of these microorganisms. Additionally, with the monthly period comes the issue of hygiene: during menstruation, the demands to keep the body clean are much more pertinent. Failure to do so may not only lead to vanginitis (or inflammation of that region) but to other illnesses as well, such as urinary tract infection or UTI. Although these all sounds highly technical, all it means is the women’s genitalia can harbor more germs than men as they provide better conditions for its growth. Talk about tough luck!

What then are the possible natural remedies for Candida? One of the simplest, albeit also the hardest, way is to keep one’s self fit and strong. Our bodies have been innately built to withstand external elements that can harm it. As with the “survival of the fittest” concept, each of us is wired to fight off infection to preserve our existence. Thus, our immune systems are naturally capable of regulating potentially dangerous microbes like the Candida. But as with the fashion police, some miscreants are still bound to slip up (take for instance Bjork, who is now an icon every Golden Globe awards). Some people likewise have malfunctioning immune systems, and so other means should be sought.

We then go to the next natural thing: our diets. There is a saying that goes, “You are what you eat”. So are you a pig or a nut? Kidding aside, experts agree that the presence of certain mineral deposits can increase fungal population. One such mineral is fructose, a.k.a. sugar. A high fructose diet can lead to a number of illnesses, not just yeast infection, but something worse as in diabetes mellitus. On the other hand, certain substances can inhibit the growth of hazardous microbes. Cranberry juice is one of these. Cranberry juice is popularly accepted as a natural product that fights infection. Obstetricians even recommend it to pregnant women to prevent them from vaginal and urinary tract infections. Now that is more reason to drink up!

Another thing to consider is our lifestyle, more specifically our relationships. Promiscuity promotes pathogens; irresponsibility, illnesses. If sticking to one partner throughout your lifestyle seems to be a candidate for Mission Impossible, then at least think “safety” in every encounter. As one line in the movie starring Cuba Gooding goes, “You might be happy for a night, but syphilis lasts a lifetime”. Same with most infections, the momentary bliss may lead to endless. Aren’t we thankful science has come up with most of the cures?

In a nutshell, curing yeast infections is as natural as having the fungi in our bodies. All we need to do is to use our heads, wash our hands, and keep ourselves healthy.

Puneet writes a blog about well-researched natural remedies for Candida. He is open & willing to help you with your health problems. His Blog, makes up for interesting, every-day reading.

Natural Home Remedies For Gout Arthritis Pain

Gout Arthritis can be very painful and some people have described it as walking on glass.  This said, treating gout is two fold.  You want to eliminate the source or reason why you get gout and reduce the pain by taking things that will naturally reduce inflammation in the joints and areas that are affected.  In this article, I am going to go over some natural home remedies to treat gout pain.

Fish Oil – Personally, I recommend eating your cold water fish (cod, mackerel, herring, sardines, salmon, ect.) to get your omega 3’s but since most prefer fried fish or don’t like fish at all, you can always opt for fish oil, either in liquid form or in capsules.  Frankly, I have not found a better food than cold water fish that will help with inflammation in joints.  Fish oil is good for all types of arthritis…even metabolic arthritis aka gout.
Quercitin is another natural anti-inflammatory that can be used to reduce the pain that gout causes.  Once again, I suggest eating the foods that are high in quercetin such as capers (which are great on salmon by the way), apples, organic tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and berries (all types).  That said, you can find quercetin in health food stores like whole foods grocery in capsule form.
Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne pepper has a huge amount of other health benefits but it works very well for reducing inflammation.  Use it as a topical aid.  Mix a little pepper with some vinegar, bring to a boil and let it cool.  Then dab it on the affected areas.  If this seems too much for you, you can also buy Capsicum cream from your grocery.
Turmeric powder – Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures have been using the things that they cook with as herbal remedies for common ailments for thousands of years.  Turmeric is reportedly a powerful anti-flammatory spice that will help reduce overall inflammation in the body.

These are just a few of the natural home remedies for gout arthritis.  The reality is that there are tons of options that you have to help prevent gout pain that don’t require doctor administered medication, which I don’t recommend.  Try some of these suggestions out to see if it helps…

Want to see more ways to relieve gout pain?

The Best Natural Remedies For Hemorrhoids

There are so many people all over the world suffering in silence from the condition known as hemorrhoids. For the most part it remains a less serious condition but that does not mean that it does not cause people a great deal of annoyance and pain. Sometimes you may just not want to discuss the problem with others because of the embarrassing subject matter. Either way, in most cases hemorrhoids can be cured safely from your home using natural hemorrhoid remedies. It should also be noted that if you are experiencing considerable pain and/or bleeding it is important to visit a doctor.

Natural Hemorrhoid Remedy

In order to cure a mild case of hemorrhoids naturally it is important to soothe the area that is causing itching, burning and pain and at the same time make sure that you change your diet and/or lifestyle.

The absolute fastest way to get hemorrhoid relief would be to buy over-the-counter ointments and gels and apply them periodically but especially after a bowel movement. It will also help to wipe yourself clean with witch hazel. Combine this with a stool softener and that should provide relief within the next couple days.

You can achieve relief for a mild case in a more natural way but using pure ointments such as aloe. Witch hazel is still an excellent recommendation due to the fact that it is a natural astringent. However instead of just taking a stool softener a better solution would be to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Eat some bran for breakfast and keep up your vegetable and fruit intake. It is also important to continue to drink plenty of water to keep things running smoothly.

If your case of hemorrhoids is considered moderate or severe it is still important to use the same treatments that would be used for a mild case. It may help you to check in with a doctor but also keep in mind that there are natural alternative treatments to consider before surgery. Some of these treatments are available online and they are made up of all natural ingredients. Natural ingredients such as Butcher’s Broom and Horse Chestnut can improve blood circulation and the strength of blood vessel walls. Be sure to pay attention to recommended dosage amounts as well as signs for any allergic reactions.

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Natural Home Remedies For IBS

The most practical and convenient way to get rid of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is Irritable Bowel Home Remedy. For patients who cannot afford to see the doctor for essential medical treatment, this is a beneficial method. This article gives you information about those remedies you can do at home to stop once and for all IBS without having to spend a big amount of money.


Irritable bowel syndrome home remedy can be found in our humble kitchen, all you’ve got to do is patiently look for them in your spice rack, or your favorite grocery stores. This particular remedy has been researched, tested and proven by herbalists and doctors, to be proven safe and effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome, If you have some unsweetened yogurt from fresh cow’s milk, mix it with coarsely pounded cumin seeds and add a dash of salt to your yogurt. If you do not have this in your own home, you may also try some cabbage. Simply make it into a juice. Rinse completely the cabbage to remove the pesticides and other chemicals in it. For those of you who will not appreciate the taste of cabbage juice, have it cooked and convert it into powdered form.


Irritable bowel syndrome home remedy can also indicate a change in your lifestyle. Though you may not readily adapt to these changes physically and psychologically, just always bear I mind that you heading towards long – term solution and not for temporary ones. First, do some food experiments especially about fiber. However, when you use the fiber food test, sometimes it can make cramping more painful. The solution to this is to little by little, increase its amount in your daily diet, at least for a few weeks. Some examples of these are whole grains, vegetables and beans.


Irritable bowel syndrome home remedy constitutes the avoidance of triggering foods that might worsen IBS. Chocolates, coffee, alcohol, and spicy edible materials must be avoided


Irritable bowel syndrome home remedy solution includes some fruits that can effectively banish IBS for good. These are the following:


1.Carrots – These help in regulating diarrhea and constipation. It is better therefore to eat them uncooked. Or, just cook them and mix it with your favorite salads


2.Pears – Sweet and fresh pears are the best ones for IBS. Buy the unripened ones. Let it ripe at room temperature for a couple of days


Check it out now to become well again and enjoy living.


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