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Natural Approaches to Dermatitis For Healing The Skin

Dermatitis or eczema is a major discomfort for anyone who has it. Experimenting is frustrating but is a way to identify underlying factors and products that help your skin heal. Some people are also effected by extreme temperatures and notice their skin worsens during these conditions.

Medical experts advise to take only short baths or showers. Instead of using commercially available bubble baths, use lukewarm water instead. Also, as much as possible, use unscented shampoos or soaps and pick products without alcohol and drying ingredients. Remember that your shampoo will wash down your whole body so read the ingredients on the bottle. To lock in the moisture, it is advisable to use lotions or creams after taking shower rather than letting your skin dry completely.

Apart from taking regular showers and applying creams and lotions to moisturize your skin, you also need to drink lots of water. This will not only moisturize your skin but also helps eradicate toxins inside the body. Insufficient water consumption can also lead to dehydration. Always make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated.

The humble oatmeal has many benefits externally as well as internally. Consider taking a bath with oatmeal. It has a proven “calming effect” on the skin. Also, oatmeal is a natural product found in most grocery stores and even drugstores. Loose oatmeal can be placed inside netting or you can buy pre-packaged oatmeal packs in the pharmacy designed for bathing. The itching sensations are relieved and many kids enjoy this at night before bed to relieve their skin irritations.

Another important thing to consider if you want to get rid dermatitis is the food that you ingest. Steer clear of foods that tend to induce an eczema breakout. It may take a while to identify them, but this is time worth spending. Keep a daily log. There are certain foods that create skin problems and respiratory issues for those with allergies. Find out if wheat, eggs or dairy are problematical for you or your child.

Discuss with your doctor if certain natural supplements may be beneficial. There are new studies about the role of omega 3 oils and inflammation reduction. Taking a daily vitamin and increasing stress reduction techniques can be helpful for both mental stability and optimal skin healing.

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How Do You Control The Dermatitis Itching and Burning

When you have eczema, the constant remind of it is the itching. Itching is a sensation that even the most distant people can’t ignore. It brings you constantly back to your body and a reminder of your condition. When there are periods without itching, it is much more bearable and you can forget yourself and your problems. Because of this, the best thing you can do while working on finding a working remedy for the skin irritation is to control the annoying itching sensations.

Using a perfume-free moisturizer without alcohol is important. Your doctor may also suggest a cortisone cream, but even with this you need to use a moisturizer twice a day. When I did this, I noticed that I had some gaps in the day where I wasn’t in discomfort and anxious about the dermatitis. I could forget and get absorbed in activities and laughing again.

Another tool is to use antihistamines. These need to be used properly as using an evening formula can make you very drowsy during the day and unable to function properly.  Antihistamines are strong and can even relieve the awful sensations from red ant bites.  Don’t feel you are weak for needing them. There is no point in suffering unnecessarily and taking risks. The risk you take when you have itching sensations is that you will want to scratch your skin.

For children, antihistamines are important as they will scratch themselves otherwise. They also will be miserable from the feeling. Let your child know that the scratching can lead to an infected area of their skin. Use oatmeal baths to help them get relief. Have them wear cotton clothing to not have any scratchy materials on the skin. Also urge them to not check the skin every ten minutes. Explain it is a process of healing and it will take a little bit of time.

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Flea Control Secrets – Flea Allergy Dermatitis & Other Flea Complications

Fleas are not the only problem plaguing pets these days since there are some complications that fleas bring which could make your pet’s life miserable.

In addition to the transmission of disease, the most common flea complication risks to pets are:

flea bite dermatitis, and
flea anemia.


Tapeworms not only impact pets but they also poses a threat to humans.

Flea larvae ingest tapeworm eggs and if a pet swallows an adult flea (through licking or chewing) the tapeworm hatches and connects to the pet’s intestinal wall.

Signs of tapeworm include visible fragments in the pet’s excrement, weight loss, and scooting across the ground or carpet because of anal irritation.

To determine if your pet has tapeworms, and to treat a tapeworm infestation, take a fecal sample to your veterinarian.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

When pet fleas bite to feed, they insert salivary gland secretions into the skin. This saliva thins the blood but can also cause a rash in many pets.

The irritation causes the pet to chew and scratch. Excessive irritation may turn into red patches, hot spots, and bald patches.

Although many pet parents seek to treat this problem on their own, it is best to get a veterinary assessment to rule out any septic or systemic complications that may develop.

Flea Anemia

Flea caused anemia is a red blood cell deficiency that can be life threatening to young and older pets.

Pets that are the most susceptible to flea caused anemia are those who are small, sickly, or unable to adequately groom themselves.

Symptoms of flea anemia are weakness, lethargy, and pale (light pink or white) gums.

In some cases animals will eat small pebbles, rocks, or cat litter in attempts to replace vital minerals.

In the event of a heavy flea infestation, or if you suspect flea anemia, get your animal to the veterinary hospital immediately.

Do you have a specific flea control question? Learn more about flea treatments and remedies. 

Diana L Guerrero (aka Ark Lady) is an animal expert who you might have seen on Animal Planet, Discovery, or heard on NPR. She is the author of several books including Flea Control Secrets : How to Get Rid of Fleas & Live Flea Free! Get additional tips and hints on flea control along with breaking news on the EPA advisory by following her on Twitter (user name FleaControlBook) or at the Flea Control Secrets page on Facebook.

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Sebborheic Dermatitis: Is There Any Cure at All?

Seborrheic dermatitis – it is defined as a skin condition classified under eczema wherein the old glands are affected. Commonly, this is a disease wherein the old gland is not able to produce sufficient amount to moisturize the skin, thus causing dry skin. This is disease can be commonly seen in the scalp. Have you ever seen people with very dry scalp wherein flakes started to appear? Most often, dandruff is the first signs of seborrheic dermatitis, and then it gradually turns into this particular disease.

With seborrheic dermatitis, the glands that are produced are yellowish and pus like instead of the normal oil that moisturizes the skin, most particularly the scalp. If you have been experiencing this kind of problem, this simply means that your body has more toxins, and that the toxins are being released through the skin. This is the reason why some people have this particular type of disease. Lifestyle and the food you eat may also be a contributing factor on why you are getting this particular type of skin disease.

Thus, if you have noticed that you are already carrying the signs and symptoms of a person with seborrheic dermatitis, it is important for you to know and understand the things that you must do in order to treat them – or if you haven’t experienced this yet, better yet you have to know the things to do in order to avoid them

One of the best things that must be accomplished is the change of diet and lifestyle. Since seborrheic dermatitis is caused by the toxins inside the body, you must be cautious about the food that you eat. Don’t eat too much fat, or take too much food that only includes junk substances and ingredients. Remember, that eating healthy is one of the best precautions and the best treatment in any particular form of eczema, including seborrheic dermatitis. The intake of essential vitamins, minerals and even fiber is strongly recommended. Of course, trim down the intake of fats and sugar that can even worsen the production of your oil glands in your body. If you really want to avoid these kinds of situations, you must first work towards getting used to eating healthy foods and working on your healthy lifestyle both at the same time.

Another important thing that you could always consider to avoid or prevent suborrheic dermatitis is to replenish your vitamin E and intake of fatty acids. Although some situations can be treated and corrected by merely eating the right diet, there are some worse cases of seborrheic dermatitis wherein medical treatment and help is required. Don’t worry, if you are someone who have had been suffering this for quite some time, there are products in the market and people that can help you most when it comes to situations like these.

Taking and using these types of products will help you recover those oil production that you have missed for quite some time, and help you restore the original circulation of the oil glands in your skin. Do not be ashamed to ask for professional help. This must be taken care of as soon as you have discovered it.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a disease that thousands of people have been suffering. If you are someone or if you know an individual suffering with this particular type of disease, it is important that it should be treated as soon as possible. We are here to help you out.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dermatitis

The uncontrollable urge to itch is one of the most common indicators that you have what is known as an eczema outbreak. Rashes could appear as well, especially for people who experience recurring eczema. Before you can start curing eczema, you first need to know if you have it or not. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the telltale signs of this unique skin condition.

On top of our list is the unthinkable need to itch. Itchiness is almost synonymous with eczema. However, there are also other types of rashes including scabies and allergic reactions that can cause severe itching. When the skin gets irritated, the rashes follow and the sufferer tries to relieve himself by scratching the affected area. The need to itch is almost present to all eczema sufferers, but the intensity of the itchiness usually differs. The itchiness associated with eczema is different from the “traditional” itch that we experienced. Usually, we scratch once and it’s gone, the itchiness of eczema, on the other hand, will continue for hours and hours. No matter how you rub it, it’s not going to subside. Eczema may develop almost anywhere but usually found in the feet, elbows, legs, and hands.

Because of the itchiness, most eczema sufferers tend to scratch the affected area until they become irritated. This creates the red rashes, and the size depends how the patient has rubbed or scratched the skin. For most people, they usually stop after seeing a wound or sore, but keep in mind that itchiness will not stop there. The itchiness continues, and off to the next symptom.

Some people may get blisters if the disorder is severe. Soothing oatmeal baths, antihistamines as well as anti-inflammatory agents should help.

Some eczema sufferers do not experience the ones described above but instead a scaly, flaky, and dry skin. If this is happening, it means that a new skin layer is replacing the damaged skin. Due to this replacement, you will notice some patches of skin falling flaking.

Moisturizing and cortisone creams are used to help with this condition. There are also natural aids which include flax seed oil, eliminating allergenic foods and vitamin supplements for skin repair.

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Getting Answers About Treating Dermatitis

The way to overcome anything is to understand the cause. This is true for skin disorders such as treating dermatitis as well. There are no clear cut answers to the origin of eczema but there is evidence that triggers can cause or aggravate it. For instance, we know that for some extreme temperatures such as cold or warm weather can worsen a rash or dry out the skin so that a rash begins. The uncontrollable urge to itch on the affected area of the body also increases. We also know that certain allergens such as those from dust or mold can also trigger eczema. Other people develop reactions to certain chemicals, or foods that are in our daily lives.

Therefore, we can only conclude that if you want to stop eczema, you would have to deal with your trigger factors. For people who have allergic responses, the good thing is that these can be identified. For instance, an allergist can test for reactions to specific foods, dust and pet hair. If you think that you are allergic to pets, and yet you continue to expose yourself to them, you may not find a complete cure of eczema any time soon. Making changes is not easy. To deny yourself a food or cancel a visit to a friend’s due to their pet can be difficult. Nonetheless, exposure to something your body can’t tolerate can last for days and trigger a cascade
of reactions over weeks or even months.

It is also possible that stress levels could cause a dermatitis outbreak. This is controversial but we know that hives and acne can be triggered by anxiety levels.
Study your habits and the ways you respond to challenging circumstances.

Eczema can also be attributed to dry skin, which means that keeping your skin moist will be beneficial. You may need to test various moisturizers or ointments to find what works best for your skin. Be sure that nut oils are absent in case you are allergic to that.

It can be an up and down situation for those with chronic dermatitis. Sometimes you can go months free of a rash only to have it return. Try to keep examining the underlying factors, use moisturizer, incorporate healthy foods and supplements into your life, watch the clothing you place on your body and keep your stress levels minimal.

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Dermatitis Tips Using Natural Ingredients

Eczema can be a major issue in your life; it can have severe effects and that can stop you from living your life to the fullest. Many people find that the treatments they receive will afford some relief but not be total. If this is the same for you, try out some of the following natural tips and to test if these age-old remedies can improve your skin condition. First check with your dermatologist to see if he sees any conflict with your current regiment.

Flaxseed oil not only will help reduce this skin disorder, it will also improve the overall health of your skin. Many say we get our omega six amounts in the foods we eat daily, but we skimp on the foods that provide omega three ingredients. The jury’s still out on the taste of flaxseed oil, but there can be little debate about the results it has on your skin. For those that don’t like the taste of the oil, there are capsules available. Some people enjoy the oil as part of a salad dressing.

Blueberry leaf extract has natural base ingredients that have excellent effects on your skin condition. They use a kind of acid called chlorogenic acid. This acid is a natural anti-inflammatory medication. That means that wherever you are feeling pain or inflammation, apply the extract in ointment or lotion form, and you should find the symptoms reduced. Your local health food store should supply blueberry extract in many forms. There are other anti-inflammatory agents such as tumeric which can be found in capsule form.

The more moisture you have in your skin, the less it will crack and tear; itch and peel. In an eczema sufferer, the further you can avoid these things the better. As a basic rule, the more you moisturize the better, but you should moisturize a minimum of two times a day. That should give you some real rewards. It’s best to moisturize right after bathing, pat yourself dry with a plush towel and apply the cream directly to damp skin. This can help you seal the moisturizer into the skin, and give you even wider benefits. Read the ingredients on any moisturizer you consider using to check for allergens.

Some people are sensitive to cosmetics and personal care items so this can be one of the triggers of flare-ups. Perfumes and fragrances are also important to avoid for dermatitis problems.

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Natural Dandelion Supplement for Dermatitis Help

Our ancestors have used natural methods to treat various ailments for millennia. For example, dandelion juice was used as an herbal medicine for over 1000 years. Dyshidrotic and vesicular hand eczema are a rare form of skin inflammation and difficult to treat. The use of dandelion juice has been shown to be beneficial for this type of eczema as well as more common forms. You can treat this skin condition from the inside out with a natural dandelion juice.


Drinking dandelion tea on a regularly basis help improve the function of your internal organs. Organs like your liver, gallbladder and kidneys filter and eliminate toxins from your body. Conditions like eczema often occur when those things aren’t working properly. Taking a regular dose of dandelion extract will stimulate organ function; the mixture concentrates the properties of the dandelion. It only takes two teaspoons everyday to treat the skin conditions and even symptoms of blood toxicity.


Integrate fresh dandelion leaves with your regular diet. Try a dandelion salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It’s a great way to absorb the essential nutrients in the dandelions. The young leaves that are picked during springtime are best used in raw salads. Fresh dandelions can be found at just about any grocery store, in the produce section. They are inexpensive and can be used in many different dishes, like salads and sandwiches.


Dandelion capsules can be purchased from many different manufacturers. Take a couple of dandelion capsules with a full glass of water as part of your dandelion routine. A great thing about taking the dandelion capsules is that if you don’t particularly like the taste you won’t taste these. Using a juicer, you could squeeze fresh dandelion juice as a way to get the vitamins and nutrients needed to help your skin. Combine this with fresh carrot and apple juice to mask the bitterness.


Something as simple as dandelions as a treatment for rare skin conditions like vesicular hand eczema can help relieve you of your symptoms. It can’t replace seeing your regular doctor or dermatologist to map out a plan of treatment for you. It may be best for you to find a physician that acknowledges and supports the use of natural homeopathic medicines.

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Dog Disease – Allergic Dermatitis

To some, having a pet that obeys every command you give to it isn’t enough – the physical appearance is just as important. They take pride in being the proud owner of a beautiful dog, in which they show off to friends and family. They do everything to keep their pet looking good on the outside, like give it baths, cut its nails, and style its fur. But what some of these owners fail to do is keep their pets healthy – a dog disease known as Allergic Dermatitis can have devastating effects on the poor pooch, making it look real ugly.

This is no ordinary infection, it’s said that it’s chronic, or in layman’s terms incurable. Yes, that’s right, incurable – want me to say it again? Treatment is only for the symptoms that’s caused by the dog disease, but as of now there is no available cure that can actually destroy the root of all evil. Whoever thought that a simple skin disease could be that tough? Allergic Dermatitis symptoms involves itching – they will scratch more than usual, over and over again. Apparently, it can easily be confused with a flea or tick infestation, so to rule that out as a possibility, I suggest you give it a bath with the best flea and tick killing soap on the market.

After giving it a rich lather and leaving it on for the duration as prescribed on the instructions written cleverly on the back of the box, rinse it off and then use a shampoo that’s specially formulated for the eradication of the little blood suckers. After drying the pooch, apply flea and tick killing powder thoroughly – basically you want to kill every last one of them. When you’ve verified that there are no survivors left, observe the frequency your pet scratching itself. If it eventually stops or decreases significantly, your in luck – it could be a flea and tick infestation.

But if the problem still persists, then there’s a possibility that it has contracted the dog disease Allergic Dermatitis. Even after using the “thorough bathing test”, it’ll still be difficult to determine the exact skin disease it may have. The “thorough bathing test” only serves as the go signal for you to pay a visit to your veterinarian. Why should you be worried about this dog disease in the first place? Well, consistent scratching and gnawing at coat will progressively lead to hair loss patches. That will leave areas of exposed reddish skin with rashes – which kinda makes your pet look like it was salvaged from a burning building.

That’s bad news for those obsessed with aesthetic aspect of their pooches. Allergic Dermatitis can be contracted directly through the skin, absorbed from food or the consumption allergens like grass and wood pollens, and even through the inhalation of certain things like cigarette smoke, indoor dust, and weed (marijuana). Play it safe and avoid having your pet come into contact with the above stated items. For a more complete list of allergens consult your vet. Observe proper and consistent pet grooming rituals, especially if its been in an area full of dust and pollutants. If you feel you pooch has been infected, go see the same guy – the earlier the better.

The author of this article, Alex De La Cruz, is a Dog Expert who has been successful for many years. Because most people think that Arthritis is a humans-only disease Alex now informs dog owners with his Ebook on how to discover this disease and let their dogs live as pain-free as possible.

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The Several Uses Of Cyclosporine In Dogs

A veterinarian may advise you to buy Cyclosporine for the treatment of eye, skin and autoimmune diseases which may include Perianal fistulas, atopic dermatitis, and dry eye conditions. In the market one can buy cyclosporine in the following forms: capsules (micro- emulsified modified), tablets (non modified), ointment (skin or ophthalmic) or compounded oral liquid. You may also buy cyclosporine under brands such as Atopica, Optimmune, Neoral, Gengraf, Protopic, Tacrolimus among others. Cyclosporine is administered once or twice a day depending on the condition being treated. You must always have your dog examined by a qualified and certified veterinarian before administering the drugs and ultimately you must follow the correct formula and dosage recommended.
One of the conditions that may require you to buy cyclosporine is the dry eye condition. Cyclosporine was found to deal well with the discomfort and symptoms of the dry eye also known as Kerotoconjuctivitis Sicca (KCS). This condition comes about when the production of tears is hampered as a result of tearing, injuring or inflammation of the gland tissue. In such cases you may be advised to buy cyclosporine in ointment form. Topical application of cyclosporine will stimulate the production of tears which have the natural growth constituents that control corneal-cell healing.
Atopic dermatitis will also require you to buy cyclosporine. Cyclosporine in the form of Atopica will effectively control any inflammation that is as a result of allergic and immune mediated skin diseases. Atopic dermatitis is described as the development of itchy skin thanks to immunological sensitivity to some natural substances for example airborne allergens. Failing to treat Atopic Dermatitis in good time may result in Pruritus which is an intense itchiness that often causes a relation rift between the dog and its owner. This disease may worsen with age but when you buy cyclosporine in good time you may help prevent the disease from graduating into a full blown situation. You may need to apply cyclosporine for up to 6 weeks for Atopic dermatitis to respond to treatment.
Perianal Fistulas will also force you to buy cyclosporine. The inflammatory nature of this disease is effectively controlled by the administration of cyclosporine capsules. Cyclosporine has been found to be very effective in the reducing the overall surface area and depth of the deepest naturally occurring fistula. Initially fistulas were considered a surgery related condition but now you can buy cyclosporine to counter the need for surgery.
You can buy cyclosporine online from where you are assured of genuine medications for all your domestic animals.

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