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Try Chiropractic for Holistic Treatment

There are various types of treatments that can be applied for any given condition or injury. This article is about Chiropractic, a natural treatment process with effective results. To learn more about this great alternative medical system, please read on.

Chiropractic, often categorized as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), is a health care discipline that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Its main emphasis is the spine which affects the nervous system. A weak nervous system in turn affects the well being of the individual. A chiropractic treatment involves manual therapy, exercises and health and lifestyle counseling.

This discipline was founded by D.D. Palmer in the 1890s and it is gaining popularity with successful treatments over a period of time. It is well established in the U.S., Canada and Australia and is the third largest health profession after medicine and dentistry. Chiropractic has two main groups; straight and mixers. Straight emphasizes vitalism, innate intelligence (inborn intelligence that exists in every living thing), spinal adjustments and considers subluxations (a condition where one or more of your bones in your spine have moved out of the proper position, aggravating the nerves that come out from between the bones.) to be the leading cause of all disease. Mixers embrace most of the philosophy of the straights but are also more open to mainstream and alternative medical techniques like exercise, massage, nutritional supplements and acupuncture, etc.

A proper chiropractic adjustment can treat more than one malady and of course, the most common condition: lower back pain. A chiropractic treatment is beneficial for adults with lower back pain who are not capable of more rigorous physical activities that is usually required in staying fit. It helps such individuals to relieve joint pains, which are common in most elderly people, in an easier way. This treatment is also used to help sports injuries and accident victims recover more speedily and naturally.

Healing through a chiropractic treatment is also considered holistic and helpful in the long run. It uses the natural healing process of the body and does not depend on drugs. A poor healing of injuries could result in long term pain later in life but with chiropractic care, this risk is eliminated. You can use chiropractic treatment to heal lower back pain, whiplash and other neck pain, headache and other musculoskeletal related problems.

The best thing about a chiropractic treatment is that it aims at improving an individual’s overall health and well being. Like other complementary alternative medicines (CAM), for instance massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and so forth, chiropractic treatment is a reliable option for anyone considering it.

There are centers that offer one or all of these alternative treatments. Although chiropractic and its efficacy has been questioned by some, chiropractic patients and scientific studies have shown time and time again that chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment for neuromusculoskeletal pain and other related disorders. Studies have also shown that people who had received chiropractic treatment for whiplash had a 100 percent treatment satisfaction. It is also been found that car accident victims prefer chiropractic treatment for their injuries.

This treatment is also considered to be cost effective. It relies on using the individual’s self in curing his/her physical problems. It is known to benefit humans since the time of early Egyptians. A chiropractic treatment involves a non-invasive and drug-free therapy which means that there are no side-effects and is not painful.

You can search for a chiropractic treatment center that operates in your city, on the Internet. A simple way to search is to type in your city’s name along with the word chiropractic or chiropractor, for instance – chiropractor Chicago Massage therapy centers also offer chiropractic treatments.

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