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The Importance Of A Holistic Global Education

Going into the 21th century, education can no longer be encompassed within the boundaries of a classroom learning experience.

In his recent speech at the International education Summit in Toronto, Education Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen said We believe that students will need 21st century skills knowledge, skills and a values system. Students need new skills today, such as the ability to handle information. They also need the requisite language skills and a more expansive world-view, coupled with the ability to work in diverse teams. And finally, knowledge and skills must be anchored by values and strong character development the aptitude for lifelong learning, resilience, integrity and compassion.

Dr.Ng Eng Hen also re-iterated that Singapores education system is well in its next phase, having progressed from a well-oiled and extremely efficient machine from the early 1990s, one key pillar of the next phase in Singapores education system would be having a global outlook.

The advantages of an overseas experience will help to students achieve an expansive world-view and by getting them out of their comfort zone and experiencing other cultures, this will not only enrich their life experiences but also go a long way in terms of their personal development.
an out of the classroom experience

an out of the classroom experience

For this article, we interviewed Joel Fong, a final year student from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He would be sharing with us some of his invaluable experiences during his one year stay in Shanghai, this trip was part of NUS Business Schools Entrepreneurship programme.

Verztec: What is one thing you appreciate about Singapore when you were there in Shanghai?
Joel: I can say that Singapore is a really safe place and my things are safe, one simple example is that I could leave my belongings at the table while I leave to order my food at a coffee shop and still expect my things to be there, however in a places such as Shanghai or any other parts of the world, we definitely cant take such things for granted, I experienced it first hand when my money was stolen while I was not paying attention.

Verztec: Did you had a culture shock when you there initially?
Joel: Yes definitely, language was a huge barrier for me, and when I was first there,I felt that there was a huge lack of information as I had too many options and limited ways of finding things out, an example would be issues such as buying stationary, in Singapore we would usually just go over to popular or any neighborhood stationary store and prices for such stuff are usually around the same,but over there in Shanghai, there are simply too many places that sell the same things and the problem is,the prices varies so much, you wouldnt know where is the best place and when you make a purchase you will start to ponder if the shop owner had actually ripped you off.

Verztec: After spending about a year in Shanghai, what do you think has changed in you?
Joel: I learned to be a lot more independent; initially I did felt lost without my family around, a lot of things which I had depended on them previously, I had to learn to do it myself. For example, things like planning my own finances. I had also understood the importance of networking, being alone in a foreign land, I had to learn how to to leverage on my network of contacts.

Verztec: What are some things you loved about being in a place like Shanghai?
Joel: Not only is Shanghai a very beautiful place, it present plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship, as there is so much more you could do, another thing I love about Shanghai is the night life, its much more vibrant as compared to Singapore, i.e. there are much more options there, and not to mention, beer is cheap over there!

Verztec: To conclude this interview, tell us some of the important events that have defined this overseas experience as a whole?
Joel : It would have to be the chance to work with the company which I was attached to during the course of the trip, in which I really learnt a lot from my colleagues there, their corporate culture and the way business is done there. The fact that Im so far away from home and having to live away from my family would also be another thing that defined my overseas experience; all in all, this overseas experience has certainly pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I believe this sort of experiences could never be replicated in a classroom or campus.

Article by Gerald Ho, New Media Executive at Verztec Consulting, International ISO 9001:2008 Certified Provider of Global Content Management and Localization Services in over 60 foreign laArticle by Gerald Ho, New Media Executive at Verztec Consulting, International ISO 9001:2008 Certified Provider of Global Content Management and Localization Services in over 60 foreign languages. Visit www.verztec.comnguages. Visit

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Education For Kids

The audience size may vary from 30, 60 to 100 or more. Form groups according to names of colors, seasons, months in a year or days in a week. Once done ask the members to sit in their respective groups. If a group contains 10 participants the trainer should be able to provide topics where whole group can participate.

It houses the Southeast’s largest collection of art objects from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East, and the ancient Americas. The museum was named for the late Atlanta philanthropist who donated nearly $ 20 million to the facility.

Kids are also taught to value peaceful resolutions over violence, and to respect every single one of God’s creatures. Although non-denominational songs and books are used during class, children say a blessing during snack time and have chapel time once a month.

It is a thin piece of metal with a hook on the end. The way you use it is by sliding it down between the window glass and the rest of the door and catching the hook on the locking mechanism. Most police stations have these tools.

You can buy tension wrenches from security, hardware and locksmith catalogs as well as some places online, or you can make your own. The best way to make your own is to use a small Allen wrench and file down one side so it fits into the lock you are working on.

I like tomatoes in my salad as much as the next person, but when fall and winter roll around, it’s time to change the menu. Rather than buying the common summer vegetables normally associated with salad toppings, consider adding snow peas, broccoli or endive.

Freshwater springs like Wakulla Springs and Jennie Springs became outdoor meccas for new Floridians and served as a unique feature that other states couldn’t match. Wakulla Springs in particular became famous as the backdrop for the classic film ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’.

Although, construction work is suspended in some countries during the winter season, but still this equipment operators may have to use scrapers or bulldozers if they have to clear dirt and snow off the roads to make it fit for public use. Pile driver operators are trained specially to mount their large machines on barges, skids, and are taught how to hammer piles.

It took nine years to complete the Statue of Liberty. After completion, this statue was sent in the 214 crates to the United States of America. French engineer, Gustavo Eiffel was done the entire steel framework of this statue. This engineer is well known for his work of Eiffel Tower in Paris.

A central air conditioning system that keeps us cool during hot summer needs a blower motor strategically located in the furnace, to allow cool air through a duct system, thereby allowing us a comfortably cool working atmosphere.

Your Baby Can Read takes advantage of this stage of development by focusing on the audio visual approach.

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Off Topic: Salman Khan – Khan Academy: Education Reimagined

Salman Khan – Khan Academy: Education Reimagined

I haven’t forgotten loose ends I haven’t had time to tie:  inserting the citations into Letter to a Medical Student [part 1][part 2][part 3][part4], and posting the last installment of How to Get Rid of Ants for Good [part 1][part 2].  The information in the first two parts is no longer enough for people to solve the problem without the 3rd installment.  I’ve drafted it, I just haven’t been able to finish!

I posted that ant series with an agenda:  I have been following the work of microbiologist Bonnie Bassler on bacterial communications, and wonder if there may be an equivalent biological means of thwarting bacteria by manipulating their communications. (Manipulating rather than trying to kill them, which may not even be in our best interests as collateral damage to good bacteria causes other problems.)

I didn’t want to post anything new until I got around to finishing at least those two things, but I couldn’t help posting this amazing talk by Salman Khan of Khan Academy.

Wow.  Anyone who homeschools should see this.  Anyone who schools should see this.  I love his analogy of education being like building a house.  What’s the purpose of having some kids finish 60% of the foundation and 50% of the framing, and then moving on to something else just because everyone else does?  I went to a public school in a small town in South Dakota when I was a girl and it was a work-at-your-own-pace place, with so much enrichment.  I have since met SO many creative and accomplished people who came out of that one small program.

For users in particular:   After the talk, my son and I lined up with everyone else to shake Khan’s hand, say Thank You, and to take photos.  In the first part of his lecture, he was so candid about his journey in a way I wish I could be.  What he said rang so, so many bells.  When we got through the line, I said, “If you ever want to mentor someone, I think I’m you, only with medicine, and 7 years ago — at least I hope so.”  (10 years ago?)  I gave him my card, and he said, “That’s interesting, because I have eczema.”

I keep hoping he’ll try the site strategies, because I’m beginning to think this has to be experienced, even by those who don’t have eczema (especially by those who don’t have eczema) for anyone else to understand the broader medical and environmental implications.  To get researchers to understand why there’s almost no way the underlying environmental issues involved as described on SolveEczema aren’t a factor in bat white nose syndrome/bat fungal susceptibility — they almost have to experience the process and transformation themselves, again, even if they don’t have eczema.

Great talk for anyone who cares about education.
Salman Khan – Khan Academy: Education Reimagined


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