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Natural Treatments for Thrush: Homeopathic Remedy for Overcoming even Chronic Thrush

Thrush is called by many names such as candidiasis, candidosis, or the more common yeast infection. It is brought about by the causative organism of the Candida species. It is caused by the overgrowth of Candida, which is naturally found on body surfaces. When the environment is modified favoring the growth of yeast or when bacterial species that exist along with Candida to limit its growth are destroyed, yeast increases in number to the point that it becomes enough to cause the signs and symptoms associated with thrush.

Many people start out with the use of many antifungal medications to treat thrush but eventually develop tolerance. Chronic and recurrent thrush can be dangerous when yeast invade the bloodstream causing systemic infection which is life threatening. Homeopathic remedies are effective in overcoming even chronic thrush. These are ingredients which are diluted to small quantities to bring on their effects. The therapeutic effects of these ingredients have been tested for centuries. The following are natural treatments for thrush:

1) Kreosotum. This comes from benchwood tar and was utilized first as a wood preservative. It is used medically today by diluting Kreosotum in alcohol and distilled water.

2) Calcarea carbonica. This is produced by grinding the inner lining of shells to purify it into powdered form to be marketed as pills.

3) Sepia. This is extracted from the ink of cuttlefish, dried, and ground into fine powder. Similar to Calcarea, this is serves as ingredient of pills.

There are several natural treatments for thrush. It is important to get the advice of professionals well-versed in homeopathy before using such remedies.

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