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Homeopathic Medicines – Are There Any Risks Using Them?

If you were to try to compile a list of all the homeopathic medicines that have been used throughout history, then your fingers would need a homeopathy treatment for arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome before you were all done. Hundreds of different books have been written and published in the last hundred years alone. That does not take into account all of the homeopathic practitioners’ notes or special solutions that they have developed themselves. But for the sake of knowing what you are dealing with, here are a few of the ones that you definitely should pay attention to before taking.

A look at the ingredient list for many homeopathic medicines from the past may have you running for the bathroom. It was not uncommon for a remedies homeopathy to contain questionable ingredients, such as blood, tissue, respiratory discharge, urine and even fecal matter. Yes, that may be disgusting but you do have to remember that these treatments are diluted down so much that almost nothing of the original substances remained. Considering some of the more dangerous substances, this is a good thing.

Take for example Lachesis Muta, or more commonly known as the Bushmaster snake. This snake is one of the largest pit vipers in the world. And it is deadly. But homeopaths use the venom diluted down by water and/or alcohol to use for a variety of cures. It might seem dangerous but properly prepared, there is really nothing left of the venom in the final solution except the “essence.” It is probably far more dangerous to try and collect the venom than to use it as a homeopathic medicine.

Another great example is belladonna. The substance used is called Astropa belladonna and it is used to cure high fevers that come with redness, except that belladonna is part of the deadly nightshade plant family. A little belladonna can even act as a sleeping potion. Too much can cause death. So as you can see, though homeopathy medicine is for the most part harmless, it does come with a little risk if you do not know who prepared the solution.

Are you likely to die from homeopathic medicines made from toxic materials? The chances are pretty slim because the solution has been diluted down thousands of times. But it is good to know what you are ingesting or using when it comes to homeopathic medicine and cures. The more knowledgeable you are aware of about your treatment, the better off you will be. Visit a book store to find the latest homeopathic books.

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