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High Blood Pressure Homeopathic Remedies ? 5 Alternatives For You

An increase in blood pressure can sometimes be very dangerous because it can cause kidney and heart troubles, as well as the possibility of having a stroke. Worrying and nervousness may temporarily increase hypertension, yet continuous resting high blood pressure is more perilous and should be kept an eye on. The most proper way to treat serious conditions is follow the right medicine that has been prescribed by an experienced doctor.

Although a few medications may be used as first-aid in severe cases, however, therapeutic care should at once be asked for. High blood pressure homeopathic remedies are described below on what help they can offer to some people, and not as suggestions for self-medication.

1. Calcarea carbonica

To people with hypertension and who have poor resistance or easily exhaust, this treatment is often useful. They are normally conscientious types, who feel beset when sick and dread experiencing collapse. When climbing stairs or slopes and when lying down, breathing and palpitations become a problem. Sweet and egg cravings are usually experienced by the person, and be inclined toward weight troubles.

2. Nux vomica

Typically, the person needing this remedy is impatient and motivated-easily angered and frustrated. Blood pressure problems may heighten because of the person’s strong desire for sweets, strong foods, coffee, and alcohol. Oftentimes, hemorrhoids, constipation, palpitations, and constrictions in the chest are observed. The person is also susceptible to noise, odors, light, and interference.

3. Sanguinaria

This remedy if usually given to a person with blushed red cheeks, pulsing neck, and a feeling of rushing blood towards the head. Also, the person may experience migraines and headaches. Allergies, shoulder troubles, right-sided neck, digestive problems, and heartburn are frequently observed, and burning pains are normal. Other signs for Sanguinaria include an inclination to feel bad from eating sweets and a desire for spicy food.

4. Phosphorus

People who are sensitive, compassionate, and gullible, with a tendency to dizziness, fearfulness, and weakness usually need this type of remedy. Often observed are nosebleeds, palpitations, flushed face, and a feeling of pain in the chest. Other indications for Phosphorus include a strong craving for cold drinks and invigorating things, and an obvious development after sleeping or eating.

5. Plumbum

If the person exhibits degenerative problems of the nerves and coagulation of the arteries, this remedy is often given. When lying on the left corner, heaviness in the chest and palpitations are often bad. Also, muscle problems, paralysis, and contractures may arise. The person may cover a record of profound drinking and ‘high living’, who gets bored and saddened when physical incapacity and memory problems occur.

Unlike prescription medications, the use of homeopathic medicine may decrease hypertension without a lot of side effects. However, those who think about using high blood pressure homeopathic remedies should always consult first to their doctors. This will prevent them from obtaining any complications because several techniques may be contraindicated with other medicines.

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