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I usually don’t talk about more than one remedy in my posts but I want to couple a few natural healing items together when talking about treating eczema.My oldest son has dealt with eczema most of his life and we continue to wrestle with it from time to time. That ugly monster by the name of eczema has done nothing but make our lives itchy. After trying tons of different natural healing remedies, I’ve finally found something that works for him.

What a.... B%$%#

What a…. B%$%#

Fun facts About Eczema

Eczema is a term for a groups of skin conditions that causes certain areas of the skin to become irritated or inflamed. Dermatitis or a topic eczema are the two common types of eczema.
Regardless to where the eczema is located, the symptoms are fairly the same. It can be itchy and a rash can appear over time. Affected areas are thickened or scaly and appear very dry.


Ok, get to the point

Believe me when I say, I was tired of talking about the fun facts of eczema. There is nothing fun about having itchy skin all day long. plus it can be unappealing and just down right ugly. When treating eczema, it’s all about getting rid of the patchy looking skin and making it more healthy. The first thing you must understand is that it’s important that you keep yourself hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is going to assist with the dryness of your eczema. Another thing to keep in mind when dealing with eczema is that being consistent is the only thing that is going to help. You must keep up with moisturizing if you want to see results.

Now, the two things that I use on my son’s eczema is Witch Hazel, which is an astringent and helps to clean and open the pores of the skin, and castor oil. Castor Oil has the ability to absorb into the skin quickly, locking in the moisture needed to feed that unhealthy rash.

I take a cotton ball, wipe Witch hazel over his eczema, let it dry then add castor oil to his skin. I do this at least three times a day. I began seeing results in a matter of weeks, and his skin was less itchy and he was much more hydrated. You can find Witch Hazel at your local corner Walgreen or pharmacy store. And Castor Oil should be bought from your local whole foods store. It must be organic and pure with no added ingredients.


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