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Get Healthy Naturally: Natural remedies for Eczema

Natural remedies
for Eczema

       Eczema is an inflammatory condition of
the skin characterized by redness, itching and oozing. Vesicular lesions which
become scaly crusted or hardened. Causative Factors include Stress, Allergic
reactions, Hereditary and the Symptoms include Itching, redness on the skin,
dry and flaky skin, inflammation, rough and thickened skin.

Eczema is of
different types which are basically related to the skin issue. Some kids develop
white patches, while some develop into hardening skins. Though these are
nothing to worry about as there is lot of solution available to cure it.
Parents should not worry, but should not take it lightly with your baby’s skin,
which can develop into severe infection if not taken care on time. The common
terms that you will end up while on internet are:

Corn – A local hardening and thickening of
epidermis is called as a corn.
Callus – A thickening of or a
hard thickened area on the skin.

Natural Remedies:

Take a raw papaya (To identify if it is raw, insert a sharp object to the skin
of Papaya and it should release white milk). Poke it with a sharp tip of knife or
a nail while it releases milk. Collect the papaya milk and apply over the
affected are. For best result apply it after bath or before your kid go to bed.

* To make sure it does not burn on your kid’s skin you can add 1-2 drop of
water or coconut oil.

Oat Meal:
Oat Meal is also considered as a good healer for skin. Take a small piece of
cloth and make a small bag of Oat Meal (Just like a Dip Tea Bag). Immerse it
into water and let the water boil for 10-15 minutes. The water can be used as a
lotion. You can add Sesame Oil or Coconut oil to Oat Meal water for better and
avoiding skin from getting dry.

Sesame Oil:
Massage the affected area with Sesame Oil. It will soften the hard skin and
will cure naturally.

Coconut Oil and Turmeric Powder
Place one tea spoon of coconut powder and ½ tea spoon of Turmeric into a bowl
and heat it. Let the lotion cool down and apply it to the affected area before
your kid go to bed. It will be a great natural cure for your baby.

Aloe Vera herb is very common and can be found in most of the compounds. You
can tear a leaf of the plan and the juice released can be applied directly to
the skin. This will soothe the skin and will help to rejuvenate the skin and
will glow your skin.

Oil and Holy Basil Paste
Neem is one of the best natural herb which can typically cure any skin disease.
So Ayurveda recommends applying Neem oil daily over the affected area. You can
prepare a paste of Neem Oil (Tree Bark) and Holy Baisl (Tulsi leaves), into a
grinder with some water and apply over the affected area.
    Neem will help getting rid of
the Eczema and Tulsi will help in rejuvenating the skin and cells.

these are all natural and Ayurveda solution, there will be no harm in applying
to the soft skin. But make sure you don’t apply hot solution to the baby’s

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