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Alternative Medicine: Information On Eczema Natural Remedies

Eczema occurs due to an irritation on the skin and consists of the inflammation of the skin. It is most commonly found in people who have kidney problems and the excretion of the waste materials from the body is hampered. When one has this disease one may choose to treat it using the modern drugs or they can decide to utilize the several suggestions available for eczema natural remedies.

Water should be taken regularly in sufficient quantities. This water helps in expelling waste matter from the body through the skin pores and therefore the body is clear of toxins and this ensures that the skin remains healthy. If skin does not excrete this waste, the sweat they excrete would be full of these toxins which lead to the rise of several skin diseases.

Cleansing of body and the blood will be other great ideas of fighting illness. If the sufferer of the disease could also be exposed to lots of fresh air it would be very beneficial. Moving to areas that are more open would be great as they would contain a lot of fresh air than the congested city estates. Restrictive clothing should also be discouraged.

Drinking water in the quantities of between two to three liters daily and taking a bath two or three times daily would also help in the fight against illness. One should use their palms to rub their skin in a vigorous mode before taking their bath. The body should be made wet throughout and then rubbed well such that no towel would be necessary for drying the skin. Areas affected by the illness should not be vigorously rubbed.

Another alternative will be taking your bath in a river or a lake and one should never use a towel to dry themselves. Lying on the sand or taking a walk so that the water dries off in the sun would be the best thing to do. One may then take another bath taking time to alternate between the bath and the sunbath. This exercise should be carried out at least twice a week. The site of the illness should have some coconut oil covering to enable skin stay soft.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables could help in relieving constipation. Failure to this, one will be forced to go and seek enema. A two hour walk daily would also work wonders if one were to walk at a constant speed of six kilometers every hour.

Fruits and green vegetables are alkaline just like the human blood and therefore should be taken in adequate quantities. Things like sugar, cereals, fats, boiled milk and salt must be avoided thereby reducing acidity in body. Other things that must be avoided include garlic, onions and radish. One may also use coconut oil instead of ghee and some curd and milk could be added into the diet after some time.

In more chronic cases of eczema, the patient could be advised to fast at least once in a week until they get cured. If it occurs as a result of other diseases like gout, diabetes or dyspepsia it could be cured after all these diseases have been cured. All the above points are examples of eczema natural remedies.

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