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How to Avoid Common Trigger Factors and Cure Your Eczema

Even though the common view is that eczema can’t be cured, the symptoms can be alleviated by avoiding the common trigger factors. Sometimes it is difficult to know what triggers off a flare-up of eczema, but because some types of eczema are caused by coming into contact with an allergen or irritant, it makes sense to try and avoid these.

There are several common trigger factors that can possibly cause a flare up of eczema and these will be discussed below together with tips on how to avoid them.

House Dust Mites
These pesky little mites are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. They hide in your mattresses, furniture, soft toys, cushions and carpets, in fact anywhere that dust can settle. As dust mites thrive in moist and damp environments, it is important to firstly keep your house well ventilated – so make sure open your windows as much as you can. The next thing to do is to either avoid having furry toys and cushions, especially in your child’s bedroom as these tend to trap dust. As far as mattresses are concerned, let them air as much as possible especially in the sun as this kills of dust mites. You might want to think about buying a mattress that is resistant to mold and dust mites. Finally, if possible, get rid of carpets and replace them with wooden floors which are easier to keep clean.

Another point is about bedding. As dust mites hate hot temperatures, make sure that you wash bedding regularly in hot water as this kills them off. Either dry the bedding off in a dryer at high temperature or hang them out in the sun. Do not let damp bedding hang around the house for too long as this will attract the dust mites.

As much as it is wonderful to have a cat and a dog in the house with children, quite often you can react to their fur and dander with symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing and a runny nose. In fact, coming into contact with furry animals can increase the risk of developing eczema in susceptible people. The best thing to do is to not have a furry animal in the house, but if you do have one then try and keep it away from your child as much as possible. If you or your child happen to come in contact with a furry animal then make sure you wash your hands immediately.

If you suffer with eczema then you really want to make sure that you do not wear abrasive or scratching fabrics, like wool, next you your skin as this can cause irritation. It is advisable to wear breathable fabrics, e.g. 100% cotton or other smooth materials next your skin. Recently, dermatologists have created a new kind of fabric, called Derma Smart, made of microfiber, which is said to glide over the skin’s surface and relieve itchiness. As far as washing clothes is concerned, my tip is to use non-biological liquid laundry products as these do not contain irritating enzymes or bleaches.

So now that you know how to avoid common trigger factors you can, if not cure your eczema, at least keep it at bay.

Now that you are aware of possible eczema causes, you can try to avoid or reduce the common triggers. To find out more about eczema cure and eczema relief, please visit my Clear Skin Guide website.

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