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Natural Remedies For Mole Removal

Moles are clusters of pigmented cells. They appear in different shapes like circular, oval or protruding. Their color shows variation from pink to black.

The reason for the cause of mole may be hereditary, proliferation of the pigment cells and exposure to sunlight.

Natural Remedies to Remove Mole

To lighten the moles you can apply fresh cut pineapple on the affected area. Applying it several times a day can lighten moles in 2 to 3 days.
You can also try another effective treatment of applying the juice of fig stems. Once you apply the juice leave the area for sometime and then wash it with clean water.
You can try massaging the affected area with castor oil. Using it at least twice a day will reduce itching in the area.
You can apply extract of grape fruit 3 to 4 times a day and cover the area with a bandage.
Another effective natural remedy would be application of tea tree oil.
Application of ground coriander helps in removal of moles in few days.
Try applying mixture of ground flaxseeds with flaxseeds oil and raw honey.
Take a root of dandelion and rub it on the area. Repeat it thrice a day.
Place a crush of garlic on the affected area and cover it with bandage. This is one of the simplest remedy.
Application of the extract of milkweed herb on the mole will reduce its appearance in a week.
You can also try applying crushed vitamin C tablets on the affected area and covering it with adhesive bandage.
Applying some tincture of iodine at night can also help to moles to vanish. Try this for 2 to 3 days.

You need a professional guidance if your mole is problematic or else natural remedies are proved to effective remedies for curing any kind of mole. As moles appear on any part of the body you need to discuss about using any natural remedy, as depth of mole might differ considering different conditions.

How To Remove A Mole? Here is the answer-
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