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Natural Remedies For Eczema – Are They Better?

Natural remedies for eczema do have the best results. They don’t just mask the problem like the steroid creams do. You will know if you have eczema and have been using steroid creams that the minute you stop using the steroid cream the eczema actually comes back much worse than it was before. Additionally if you are using steroid cream to treat eczema then the eczema is not going it is still present.

There are many natural remedies for eczema available – many of these I have had first hand experience with. My son, Sam’s eczema started when he was around 6 months old. When I took Sam to see the doctor (not knowing what his red, aggravated patches were) I was given steroid cream. It was Christmas time and it started around his neck – it was bright red and he kept putting his hands up to it and scratching. The way the doctor spoke to me when he gave me the steroid cream led me to believe that after 7 days of use it would all be over! I know that this sounds crazy but this is what I was led to believe. Obviously this did not happen, I used the steroid cream on Sam throughout Christmas until the around the 3rd day of January. Then I went back to the doctors because as well as his neck the eczema had started to appear on his forehead and on the backs of his knees.

I must say that the day before I had been doing some research into steroid cream online and had learnt the drawbacks. Generally most doctors out there are one viewed – steroid is what you use to treat eczema. Its only really when you come upon a doctor who has had first hand experience with eczema that you will be able to talk to him / her about natural remedies for eczema.

For more information on natural remedies for eczema and to see how our eczema nightmare came to an end for us visit my eczema natural remedies blog or my eczema squidoo lens

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