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Natural Remedies For Depression

Depression is a devastating and complicated illness. Any relief that we can get from oppression may help us a great deal in the long run. Natural depression remedies often don’t remove our depression completely but combined, these remedies can be very powerful. We list the top five remedies below from which you may find great relief. You can implement them in conjunction with any treatment you are currently on, though it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor.

Beneficial fats in fish are proving to be therapeutic for the depressed brain. A our brains require these beneficial fats to be healthy and a fish oil supplement can be a powerful tool to improve our brain health. Find a fish oil supplement that is high in the long chain omega-3 fatty acids “EPA.” In depression clinical trials, researchers administer high levels of EPA to the research subjects. Many researchers recommend that people take between two and four grams of EPA daily.

Vitamins may fight depression. In the winter time, vitamin D may be a powerful tool in fighting depression. If you live in northern latitudes and get very little sunlight on your skin in the winter, you may be deficient in vitamin D and a supplement may improve your brain health. If you are older, you may be deficient in vitamin D 12 or in folic acid. Supplements of these vitamins may improve your brain health. Most people also get an energy boost from a B complex vitamin. Consider adding this to your daily regimen.

Food itself is critical in fighting depression. Foods high in the beneficial omega-3, in vitamin D, or in the B complex vitamins may improve your brain health. In the book “Rebuild from Depression,” the authors actually analyze data from a database of over 5000 foods and identify its highest in nutrients that fight depression. Give the book a look, add some of these foods (such as fatty fish) to your diet, and you may get some relief from depression.

Sleep is critical in the fight against oppression. If you do not get enough sleep, you will increase the level of inflammation in your body. Inflammation causes depression, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. You need sleep to be healthy. It may be worth it to take a sleep aid on occasion when you were under a great deal of stress. Talk to your doctor about this possibility.

Exercise can be a powerful tool to combat depression. On your good days, and exercise to your regimen and you may find that you have an increasing number of good days.

Alexander V. Martin is a natural health advocate and helps at the foods for depression website and supports the Rebuild book on foods for depression. Find out more about depression foods today.

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