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Natural Remedies For a Sinus Infection

Sinus difficulties are one of the most common illnesses we can get. Every one of us is experiencing and being bothered by this illness every so often. Throughout the years, many treatments and cures have been developed in order to cure this viral problem. Doctors offer medications that alleviate the discomforts brought about by this sickness. However, these remedies are oftentimes costly.

There are also effective herbal and natural remedies you can try. It is only up to you what kind of treatment you prefer. Natural treatments are generally anything that has not had any chemical or artificial alterations. Natural medicines come from pants and herbs. It is proven effective and is preferred mostly by advocates of the environment. They believe in the healing strength of plants around.

Natural treatment is cheaper because it does not need any machine or equipment. Some natural methods are described below.

First of all, you can try nasal irrigation. It is a preventive measure that you may consider in order to eliminate your sinus difficulties. Nasal irrigation with a saline solution is one method that will help you control sinus symptoms and may possibly lead to curing some mild infections. This includes procedures and steps that can be done at home.

It is not a new discovery but many professionals recommend it to their patients who are suffering from chronic sinuses and other respiratory disease. It is a very natural, and most of all, an effective method. It can be done any time, especially when you are feeling congested. In doing so, it will provide you with immediate relief.

Another natural treatment is drinking plenty of liquids especially water. Being hydrated can prevent the mucous membranes from thickening. Liquids can help thin the mucous. You need to drink water or tea and other clear drinks for fast relief. Some would make calamansi, orange or lemon juice. These are citric drinks that also help cure sinus.

Stay away from dairy products when you have a sinus. Dairy products have substances that trigger the formation of more mucous and make breathing more difficult. This is according to some doctors. Dairy food like cheese, milk and even ice cream may worsen the sinus. These products should be avoided especially when you have sinus problems.

You must also take in foods that contain high levels of antioxidants, like spinach, berries, tomatoes, broccoli, grapes and garlic. They help in boosting one’s immune system. They also help in preventing sinus problems and infections. These foods are proven to be helpful in treating sinus problems as well as other health problems.

You can also opt for the steam treatment. Steam helps keep the mucous loose so that it can keep it moving in the sinuses. Sinus infections occur, once the mucus thickens and is not properly drained. You can apply moist heat directly to your face in order to keep your sinuses open.

Hot compress will work as decongestant. There are many heat packs available in the market. They can be warmed up in a microwave easily. You can also boil hot water and dip a face towel on it as an alternative to heat packs. Or you can put hot water in a bottle. Wrap the bottle with a towel before applying to your forehead.

A cold compress on the other hand relieves sinus headaches when you put it in your forehead. The cooling effect helps shrink the membranes and will bring relief from your sinus pain and headache. You can also add some apple cider vinegar on the solution for the steam. You can also dilute it in water and drink it for relief, especially when you feel that a sinus infection is about to start. Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in other illnesses.

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