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5 Great Natural Home Remedies For Dogs

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the safety of the over-the-counter pet products you buy from your vet or at the pet supply store? There are certainly many reasons to be concerned, especially if you stop to read the long list of almost unpronounceable ingredients contained in those products. This is why many loving dog owners today have turned to natural home remedies for dogs as an alternative to using questionable and possibly dangerous commercial products.

Many of these natural home remedies for dogs are quite easy to obtain. For example, do you have garlic in your kitchen? Most people do and use it to cook up tasty dishes but never consider that it is an effective flea repellant.

What about mineral oil, olive oil or almond oil? These are also common household items that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Did you know that they are also effective for treating ear infections or ear mites in dogs?

Do you treat your own skin with Vitamin E? It’s a common way to soothe irritated and dry skin. If your dog suffers from irritated skin as a result of allergies, try applying a bit to their skin to see rapid improvement.

What about oats? They are excellent for adding to your dog’s bath water if he has problems with allergies and as a result spends a lot of time itching and scratching. Just a handful of oats added to your dog’s bath water can help to soothe his irritated skin.

Epsom salts are excellent additives if your dog has problems with his feet. Just add a bit to some water and then soak your dog’s feet. Remember to take care that he does not drink the water.

Natural home remedies for dogs are safe, easy and inexpensive solutions to many health problems that may plague your dog.

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