From Anonymous: have had really bad stress eczema for years an…

i have savvier eczema and i know exactly how u feel. i think the place where u live helps a lot( i live by the see, so the humid whether helps my skin.)try going to the see as much as u can or join some sort of water sports.. but remember to dry ur self quickly after ur done otherwise the water will make u scratch.(the water will moisturizes ur skin an the salt will kill the bacteria)
the following also helped me a lot:

A) cut ur nails really short..

B)if the doctors gave u cortisone, then ask 4 ..(Elocom-ointment) and don’t pout it all the time, just in the are that is extremely red and itching, or in the area that u scratched an its bleeding.. other wise ur skin will gradually tern darker(the doctors say no but it happened 2 me..)

C)look for a cream called (Aquias cream) its light not heavy.(i live in England an i buy it from a shop called Boots)

D)if some areas are EXTREAMLY dry use(Diprobase Cream)

E) for ur hair (some times u can get eczema their) use the body shop shampoo an conditioner (the Olive) coz its moisturizing..
for sope use (Dove sope, sometimes i use Dove moisturizing Body wash but that depends on ur skin type)..(the other thing that is better than Dove is an organic sope, u can get that from the body shop( but be curfull it could be too dry 4 u).)
* if u want to use a face cleansing wipes then try (gohnson’s 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes for dry and sensitive skin) but that depends on ur skin type.

F) you might not believe me but i have tried Accupansher and it helped me 70% , im not scratching (i only scratch when im tired, stressed, angry, hot, or allergic) big improvement for me.. it is expensive but worth it, there are no side effect at all. even though there is no guaranty, its worth a try.. but make sure u get a good person not a person that is after money..

G) if all goes well (hopefully).. then don’t use all that medical creams try something organic (e.g The Body Shop ( Aloe soothing cream)

** i know the things that i have suggested are expensive, but my advise is that given the chance to choose between medical and organic things organic is best 4 ur skin. there is no side effect and it will help ur body to restore itself by itself so in the future, ur skin will not need any help and it will start producing its one oil to cure the dryness( my skin is at that stage now). you cant cure eczema unless u do a laser operation which costs lots, an its not guaranteed forever. but u can reduce eczema to a minimum, and give ur skin a chance to cure itself.

** i really know how hard it is, espechely if ur using cortisone..
i really hope that this info helps you and best of luck..

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