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At Home Remedies for a Seriously Dry Scalp

Having a dry scalp can be a pain! It’s itchy, annoying and most of all can be kind of gross! But with that said there are a few things we can do to combat this pesky issue! Often times those who have a dry scalp will also see dryness around their nose and on their chest, and as a result we may need to cover washing and at home practices both for the scalp, face and torso as the three areas on the skin are very closely related!

Unfortunately, most physicians have seen that dandruff is genetic and tends to run in families. Typically, with genetic conditions there are trickier steps to take in combating the condition but luckily treatment for dandruff is one of the few conditions that can be done cost effectively and at home.

This is another one of those skin problems that has no cure but luckily our dermatologist Dr. Norris suggested a few simple treatments to try!


First thing on the list is to wash your hair less frequently in general. Washing your hair everyday will strip away your natural oils and dry out your scalp. However, everyones scalp is different. If this method does not help, try out our other options.


Second, Dr. Norris suggests to find shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione or ketaconozal. Nizoral is a popular shampoo that contains these ingredients, and can be found at most local drug stores.  


Finally, our last helpful tip is alternating dandruff shampoos each time you wash your hair  can help keep the dandruff away. Be sure you are rotating shampoos because using just one shampoo over and over will decrease its effectiveness.

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