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Natural Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis – Home Remedy for Eczema

Demodex dermatitis is not actually an atopic form, but it is worth including here because it has the same symptoms, and it can be very hard to diagnose it. The condition is caused by Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, two mites that are commonly found on the human skin. However, when Demodex burrows into the skin, it develops and form large colonies feeding on the sebum. Large colonies are more often found in men and increases with age.
The diagnostic implies skin scraping or skin surface biopsy, however the tests are not always precise, because the presence of the mites on the skin does not necessarily mean an infection. The number of the Demodex mites on the other hand could indicate a problem.

The treatment of Demodex dermatitis is very effective with Topical Crotamiton. Crotamiton is a scabicidal, with dual action, it kills mites and it calms itching. It kills scabies mites but it also kills Demodex mites. A study of its efficiency is here: Topical Crotamiton for Treatmen of Demodex Dermatitis

You can buy on Amazon Eurax cream or lotion for your dermatitis. The cream is more effective because it stays on the skin, however the lotion is better for the scalp.

A natural cure for dermatitis caused by mites implies the use of raw organic apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil. I used apple cider vinegar made by myself. It is important that ACV is raw and organic, otherwise it won’t work. ACV is used as a folks medicine to kill mites, but very often chemical vinegar is used, and this doesn’t work.
If the ACV is strong, dilute it so it doesn’t sting too much. If it stings too much add more water, if it stings a little, it’s fine and it means it works. Your skin will turn red and it will sting, but the redness should disappear within an hour. I use my ACV neat on the face, although I don’t apply too much. You will notice improvements the next day, if it works. I apply the ACV in the evening, to avoid the strong smell of the ACV when in public. My poor wife had to deal with the stink for 2 months.
In the morning I apply a homemade cream with the following ingredients: honey wax, tea tree oil and coconut oil. However, you can make an oil from 1 part coconut oil and 4 parts coconut oil. If your skin allows it, you can go with a slightly higher tea tree oil concentration, but test it thoroughly so you don’t burn your skin. Before applying, wash with a mild soap, and rinse the affected areas with a solution of vinegar. Only this time you wash it off, by rinsing with pure water, (again pure organic, unpasteurized ACV). Apply the oil on your face, and leave the oil on the skin. If you put too much gently remove only the excess, but the oil needs to stay on the skin.
Once per week use a strong formula, mixed from 1 part tea tree oil, and one part coconut oil.
Continue with treatment 2 weeks after all symptoms disappeared, you need to make sure you killed all the hatching eggs, to eradicate them.

Tea tree oil is known for its strong scabicidal properties, and it has virtually no side effects. Apple cider vinegar, is popularly believed to kill the mites, but I personally believe that it actually nourish the good bacterial flora on the skin, which in turn will kill the mites.

To complement this natural treatment, I used oral probiotics. Brewer’s yeast is very commonly used for mites dermatitis treatment.

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