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What to Do After Eczema Home Treatment

Most people think that eczema will never come back after successful eczema home treatment. Unfortunately that isn’t true. Eczema “relapses” are commonly known as flare ups. You can find ways to stop eczema from coming back, but there are no cures for it. Regularly wash your face with facial moisturizers and cleansers that don’t dry your face out. This helps people who have eczema on their faces. Make certain that you see oil free and/or non-comedogenic on the bottle.

Only use sunscreens and makeup that are non-hypoallergenic when going out. It’s just as important to be knowledgeable with the skin on your body as well as your face. You should keep away from anything that’ll stress your skin like house cleaning chemicals, soaps that make your skin dry, fragrant lotions, and detergents. To make sure you don’t flare up you might not have any other choice other than sacrificing your brand loyalties.

Keep you skin moist, but don’t just rely on water to do it. It can actually make your skin even drier. Bathe with warm water instead of hot water. If you can’t avoid keeping your hands underwater for an extended period of time, be sure to wear gloves for protection. Make sure you dry off with a towel that’s course.

How bad is water actually? It’s actually not that bad at all. Experiments have found that flareups are not caused by water alone. What is the actual culprit is the evaporation of water.

Wool, among other types of clothing, is also known to cause flare ups. Consider restocking your closet and drawers with cotton clothes and throw out the others. Also, keep you skin soft and moist.

Use non-fragrant moisturizers like Vaseline to keep your skin from cracking or getting irritated. Remember, no one’s discovered a cure for eczema yet. It’s still lurking and waiting to come back.

It’s best to resist any urges to scratch your self. You could actually break your skin and cause an infection. Plus it makes it harder to heal.

Also, temperature increases that cause sweating can cause flare ups. So try your best to stay cool.

Don’t stop using your prescriptions if unless your doctor says so. Stress can also cause eczema to flare up, so do what you can to always keep calm. Even after seeing your physician or dermatologist and using their prescriptions it still doesn’t guarantee that your eczema will stay away.

Because there is no actual cure, the only way to keep eczema away after successful eczema home treatment is by practicing the right post treatment. Rest assured that by your mid twenties, it will be near impossible to tell you even had eczema, if you keep it away.

But in the mean time, get the proper help and keep your mind in the right place so you ensure your chances of success.

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