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Effect of Using Eczema Soap

Definitely, people who doesn’t have any background with medicine, may have difficulty dealing with eczema.It is an old wives tale that bathing should be avoided specially if you have skin problems for the reason that it can only aggravate the condition. On the other hand, medical practitioners are shifting that old habit and they do suggest to their patients that bathing will not cause harm but rather, it helps moisturize the skin. Commit to memory that chalky skin can intensify eczema.

Using herbs and natural oils are effective treatment and natural cures for eczema. They have the properties of enhancing the skins defense from various substances which causes allergic reactions. Aside from those mentioned, oatmeal is also effective especially if used as a bath. If you are going to use soap, do not use soaps containing fragrances and other ingredients which could trigger eczema. The natural ways are preferred since they do not have side-effects and they are also less expensive. Do not also take a bath in warmer water. Use lukewarm water and avoid rubbing the skin. Rubbing the rashes would only cause further irritation and in some cases, infections.

To help moisturized the skin, it is important to take a bathe regularly at least once a day.You can apply creams and emollients but it is more advisable to use coconut oil and olive oil as alternatives after you shower to replenish your skin. Eczema in babies is treated the same way so you must be gentle in giving them bath for they have delicate skin. Herbal treatments come in the form of herbal extracts include neem, wormwood, kutki, camphor, sandalwood, spearmint, carrot, papaya seeds and muskmelon. Certainly, these herbs are effective in the management of eczema.

Most industrial soaps nowadays have harsh ingredients which could lead to rashes, allergic reactions, and sometimes discomfort that could escalate the skin condition. These contents can reduce the natural oils in our skin. Dove is one of the commercial soaps which are designed for sensitive skin. If you’re on a budget, you can make your own soap that is effective in treating eczema.. With pure natural soap, you can supply your skin with the nutrients it needs to fight the allergens that causes eczema.

Here are the steps in developing your own homemade eczema soap.

1.  Do the melt and pour method. Take the soap base then melt it at low heat. If you are using the cold process, you can add water into lye (sodium hydroxide) with three is to one proportion then mix thoroughly.
2.  Add in avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and palm oil. Follow the ratio 1: 0.8: 0.5: 0.5: 3: 2 Respectively.
3.  Make sure that you heat everthing. Suggested heat level is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.4.  Pour the mixture into a molder and put it in the freezer after couple of minutes.
5.  After freezing the soap, you can now start using it.

Certainly, you can make your own soap utilizing herbs and oils as ingredients.These will provide your skin extra protection and supply nutrients to make it healthy.

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