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Natural Approaches to Dermatitis For Healing The Skin

Dermatitis or eczema is a major discomfort for anyone who has it. Experimenting is frustrating but is a way to identify underlying factors and products that help your skin heal. Some people are also effected by extreme temperatures and notice their skin worsens during these conditions.

Medical experts advise to take only short baths or showers. Instead of using commercially available bubble baths, use lukewarm water instead. Also, as much as possible, use unscented shampoos or soaps and pick products without alcohol and drying ingredients. Remember that your shampoo will wash down your whole body so read the ingredients on the bottle. To lock in the moisture, it is advisable to use lotions or creams after taking shower rather than letting your skin dry completely.

Apart from taking regular showers and applying creams and lotions to moisturize your skin, you also need to drink lots of water. This will not only moisturize your skin but also helps eradicate toxins inside the body. Insufficient water consumption can also lead to dehydration. Always make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated.

The humble oatmeal has many benefits externally as well as internally. Consider taking a bath with oatmeal. It has a proven “calming effect” on the skin. Also, oatmeal is a natural product found in most grocery stores and even drugstores. Loose oatmeal can be placed inside netting or you can buy pre-packaged oatmeal packs in the pharmacy designed for bathing. The itching sensations are relieved and many kids enjoy this at night before bed to relieve their skin irritations.

Another important thing to consider if you want to get rid dermatitis is the food that you ingest. Steer clear of foods that tend to induce an eczema breakout. It may take a while to identify them, but this is time worth spending. Keep a daily log. There are certain foods that create skin problems and respiratory issues for those with allergies. Find out if wheat, eggs or dairy are problematical for you or your child.

Discuss with your doctor if certain natural supplements may be beneficial. There are new studies about the role of omega 3 oils and inflammation reduction. Taking a daily vitamin and increasing stress reduction techniques can be helpful for both mental stability and optimal skin healing.

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