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Eczema and Bacterial Infections – How to Cope With Itchy Skin Due to Dermatitis

When you have eczema you are already trying to cope with extreme itching, redness, flaking skin and fears of the skin condition spreading. What many people are not aware of is that a further complications can occur: A bacterial infection may arise due to scratching. This is why it’s important to take steps to alleviate itching and teach kids with atopic eczema alternative ways to cope with the discomfort.

Eczema skin gets dry and cracked which can create fissures in the skin. In these areas, bacteria can enter. Some experts believe that atopic dermatitis is subject easily to staphylococcus aureus. A staph infection will slow down the skin’s healing and needs to be treated itself. Kids are also vulnerable to picking up impetigo as well. Impetigo can spread quickly around camp bunks, day care centers and in settings where children have close contact.

Cutting the nails short is a good step and using moisturizers and creams to relieve the eczema itching is important . Teach your kids to apply cold water with paper towels at camp or school rather than to scratch . Go over with them how the short-term relief of scratching an itch is not worth the ongoing discomfort of irritated and broken skin.

Use a patting motion rather than scratching to the itchy areas. For very young children, little cotton mittens are helpful to put on their hands to make it easier for them to avoid scratching themselves. Check their skin to be sure there isn’t pus formations and blisters that leak fluid that isn’t clear. Temperature and the skin being warm to the touch are also indicators that there may be an bacterial infection.

By having alternatives such as oatmeal baths, applying moisturizer, antihistamines and using cool compresses one can resist the desire to scratch the eczema and encourage the skin to heal.

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