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Skin infections can be a one-off experience or something to which a child or adult is generally prone. Sometimes, repeated skin infections are a sign that a person is run down with a depleted immune system and then it is a good plan to increase vitamins in the diet and perhaps look at whether stress or tiredness is also a factor. Children often suffer from skin infections when they start school or nursery because they are mixing with another section of people than just the family at home. As long as the child’s skin is kept clean and moisturised and not stressed by too many chemicals, the infections should not linger.

Sometimes an infection can be more serious and long-lasting and then it is necessary to take a course of antibiotics to clear it up. When this has been achieved, using a healing moisturiser such as Skin Salveation’s Dermasalve which is enriched with natural wheatgerm, jojoba and palm oils, grapeseed extract and aloe vera as well as being fortified with antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin C will keep the skin supple as well as protected by the natural healing agents.

If you or a family member seems to be getting a lot of skin infections, it is a good idea to consult your doctor. It may be that you need some extra vitamins but recent research suggests that taking the wrong vitamins or in the wrong combination can be as bad as taking none at all, so medical advice is a wise starting point. If there is no specific vitamin lacking, then a general vitamin capsule aimed specifically at skin health would be beneficial and this would ideally include Omega-3 fish oil. These are available at most chemists and supermarkets and come in adult and child doses.

Sometimes it is difficult to work out what the allergen is in allergic dermatitis but occasionally the culprit is clear because the dermatitis literally mirrors the shape of the product, in the case of a bracelet or ring. If it is a real favourite, some people paint the back of the item with clear nail varnish, but it is generally better to avoid contact altogether if possible.


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