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Tie Dye For Kids

As we all know kids love to experiment on just about anything. They are inquisitive by nature. They love to see a simple object turn into a work full of colors, that we adults call arts. One fun artistic activity that can surely catch kids attention is the tie dye for kids. It is a fun and educational activity that can be enjoyed by them, either in camps, classrooms or their own homes. Tie dye for kids is a simple yet full of arts activity that can surely awaken kids creative side. The most important learning that a child can acquire doing tie dye for kids is that they will learn the art of following step-by-step instructions to achieve the desired goal set.

By using basic simple supplies and garments, kids can express their creativity in making their own one-of-a-kind works of art, through tie dye for kids. This activity still requires adult supervision. The children will be so proud of their finished product, which they might want to wear it every day.

These are the things that you need in tie dye for kids:

Garments to tie dye such as t-shirts, socks, bandannas (white or light colored garments are best choice)

Different colors of garments dye (you can order it online or buy it in your local craft shop)

Buckets, basins or plastic containers

Rubber bands

Rubber gloves ( for your hands protection)


Heres what to do:

Make sure that the kids wear rubber gloves to protect their hands from getting stained, also to avoid skin damages. Safety precautions should come first.

Let the kids wrap the rubber band tightly around the garments. Allow them to do and choose on which part of the garments they want to dye. Explain to
the kids that, any area that is wrapped in rubber band will be the area that gets colored.

Let the older kid, mix the tie dye for kids dye in the basin, one color per basin, making sure that instructions are followed and carried out correctly.

Have the kids; dip their rubber banded garments into the colored dye the chose. They should know that, the longer the kept the garment in the dye, the color intensity becomes richer and richer.

When they achieved the desired color intensity, let the kids removed the garments from the dye and rinse in the cool water. Do not remove the rubber band until the water runs clear.

Slowly remove the rubber bands and let the air dries the garments.

Watch the kids amazed looks, as they see the now colorful apparels that they produced from their own hands, out from the simple garments the saw moments ago.

Enjoy with the kids doing their creations with tie dye; consider making your own tie dye project with them by using the tie dye for kids alternative which is spray on, and iron set. You will surely enjoy tie dyeing.

MarizT is a biologist, financial manager and adviser who loves adventures, writing and arts

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