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Kids Wall Murals

Turn your child’s bedroom into a dream Disney setting with Kids Wall Murals

Kids mad about Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy? Transform their playroom into a fun setting and have their favourite cartoon characters hand painted directly onto the walls. A talented artist paints Kids Wall Murals within domestic settings and one of their stunning Children Wall Murals could be the latest addition to your child’s bedroom. The beautiful Kids Wall Murals are absolutely stunning to look at and the amount of detail that goes into each one of them has to be seen to be believed. If you want to create a focal feature in your child’s playroom, commission the talented artist to paint a Kids Wall Mural inside your home.

Take your pick from a host of characters

Any character can be brought to life within the Kids Wall Murals. Got a son that goes dotty over Dr Who?  Standout Kids Wall Murals could be painted on their bedroom wall that contains images of Daleks, Cybermen, the Tardis and the good doctor. Maybe your girls can’t get enough of Fifi and the Flowertops. Have Fifi and all her friends painted onto their nursery walls as one of the Kids Wall Murals. Think of any character that you want and they can be immortalised as Children Wall Murals. From football themes to Princess schemes; Kids Wall Murals take on many guises. Bespoke wall murals make fabulous additions to kiddies’ bedrooms.

Expecting a new arrival?

Have baby’s nursery ready in plenty of time with Winnie the Pooh painted on the walls. Tigger, Pooh and their pals could watch over little one as they snooze in their cot. Charming Kids Wall Murals make such a spectacular sight when they are painted inside nursery settings. The artist who brings the Kids Wall Murals to life works in private homes, hospitals, schools, day centres, and any location where there is a demand for Childrens Wall Murals. Before your new baby arrives, transform their nursery with one of the Kids Wall Murals.  As they grow they will learn to love the Kids Wall Murals that grace your home. provides hand painted murals for all ages; visit our site today for more information on Kids Wall Murals and Children Wall Murals


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