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Eczema is arguably one of the hardest conditions to treat with any modality. Eczema usually begins in infancy with the advent of solid foods, although occasionally it occurs in early childhood. Its onset typically reflects food allergies, but food allergies are seldom the entire problem.

Often, inherited conditions from parents, including, but not limited to, fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria are contributing causes. In BodyTalk, we notice that the treatment of eczema often involves genetic factors, and that eczema often seems to be the result of allergic or reactive patterns inherited from parents or grandparents.

Sometimes this goes so far as to reflect a parasitic, viral, or bacterial infection that was present in the patient’s parents that, paradoxically, is present but not active in the patient. Certainly, food allergies are a contributing factor in eczema.

Many eczema patients are reactive to grains and must adopt a grain-free or in the least a gluten-free diet for some part of the treatment in order to clear the eczema and treat the grain sensitivity. Other foods, such as nightshade vegetables, fruits (especially citrus), and dairy products may also cause sensitivity, but typically food allergies are patient specific.

Fungal infections, especially Candida, can play a major role in eczema. Some patients experience enormous relief after being treated for fungi, especially in conjunction with avoidance and treatment of grains, wheat, or bread combinations.

A unique aspect of BodyTalk allergy treatments is the category of fundamental substances, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Fundamental substances are building blocks of the body, and as such, are absorbed from food and used to nourish and build the body.

When an imbalance with a specific fundamental substance exists, the body cannot absorb that nutrient, causing a deficiency. A common example is an imbalance with Calcium, which over a period of time creates a large deficiency, affecting the bones, as in osteoporosis. When fundamental substances are treated with BodyTalk, essentially harmonizing the relationship with that vitamin, mineral, protein, fat, or sugar, the body can absorb it, and the deficiency is addressed quite naturally with normal food intake.

In eczema, disharmony with fundamental substances vary from person to person. Common disharmonies could be with protein, calcium, Vitamin C, B Complex, Vitamin A, and sugar. Many times, the disharmony exists with more than one essential nutrient, and all must be treated. The beauty of BodyTalk is that it takes the guesswork out of treatment. Since each person is unique biologically, treatment unfolds organically and specifically to that individual.

The bodys innate wisdom guides the practitioner to the exact cause of the imbalance and corrects it in the specific order necessary to bring about healing and resolution of the particular disorder, regardless of the patients or the practitioners thoughts, opinions, or bias.

Therefore, whether the practitioner has treated many cases of eczema caused by food sensitivities or deficiencies or infectious agents whether that practitioner thinks he or she knows the exact cause of the problem or not the patients body will guide the treatment toward the specific links that will resolve the problem. That objectivity avoids costly redundant or unnecessary treatments and increases efficiency of treatment, bringing faster, safer results.

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