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eczema diet2 Controlling Eczema with DietWe see it everywhere. If you do not have eczema you may know someone that does. It seems to have improved now but the societal point of view has usually been that a person with eczema was contagious. People with the condition felt ashamed and struggle to find a solution.
Studies and research have gotten closer to learning the what causes eczema. We now know that it is not contagious and is a result of how our bodies respond to different aspects of our environment. Of course, one of the issues is due to a compromised immune system and how it responds. This has a connection with diet and anything related with it has been shown to have some effects. Many find that a eczema diet plan can help to relieve the symptoms, but what exactly is this eczema diet plan?

Issues With Food
There doesn’t seem to be any direct association with food and eczema, as it might just be dependent on the individual. Because there are so many things which trigger the problem, it’s hard to tell if it’s the diet. The most common situations with food are:

Food Allergies – The myth has been debunked that food allergies are what cause eczema. In a way they do but not in the sense that they have a direct connection. It is more in that people with food allergies tend to have more cases of eczema, but not always. It’s the way that the immune system responds that is eczema. Obviously the best thing to do is to avoid those foods to see if it helps. If it remains a problem than it will certainly be something else.

Gluten – A good example of an eczema cure diet, is where gluten is taken out of a person’s diet. There is at least one condition called celiac disease the inflammation happens every time grain products are ingested. The body was covered in red and itchy rashes until they stopped.

Vitamin Deficiency in children – The problem here is that very often dry skin is misdiagnosed as eczema because the child lacks minerals such as zinc and magnesium. Breast milk might be low in zinc and a remix of the formula might also need to be considered.

eczema diet Controlling Eczema with Diet

Any Proof of Foods?
Once again, the link is weak on this one but many state that things like probiotics help get rid of eczema. These are found in cultures like yoghurt. Many swear by this, but it’s only a matter of trial and error to see if there are any changes.

Home Remedies For Eczema?
Another suggestion is black, Oolong or green tea, which could be considered one of your own home remedies for eczema. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are recommended by some people as well. Over all it might be a good idea, if this isn’t already the case to completely go for a super healthy diet plan, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. This is of course, removing the items that you’re allergic to and you can consider this your eczema cure diet, if it does the job.

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