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Why It’s Best To Use A Natural Eczema Cream

Skin problems can be very unsightly and embarrassing as well as causing pain and stress to the sufferer. Eczema is one of those skin problems that affects all ages from babies through to adults and yet no one really knows what causes the condition. It is known, however, that certain things or conditions can trigger the condition and, indeed, make it worse. For example, coarse fabrics worn next to the skin can irritate, harsh soaps or detergents can cause problems, and for some people extreme changes in temperatures can cause flare ups.

What is eczema?

It’s a skin disease that results in inflamed and irritated skin which can sometimes weep and become infected. Often the skin will start itching before a rash appears, which can be anywhere on the body although most commonly on the face, hands, knees and feet. It is quite common amongst people who are known to suffer from allergies or who have asthma. There is no cure for eczema but it can usually be managed with a good eczema cream.

How can you control eczema?

The main aim of any type of treatment is to alleviate and prevent the itching which can lead to infection. Since eczema causes the skin to become very dry and flaky, the most obvious course of treatment is to hydrate the skin. This is best done by applying a gentle moisturiser to damp skin to help lock in moisture. Other actions can include wearing natural fabrics such as cotton, next to the skin, avoiding getting either too hot or too cold and also never using harsh creams or lotions on your skin. Take care as well to use a gentle wash powder on your laundry.


In more severe cases your doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics or if that fails phototherapy, which is ultra violet light applied to the skin, or even the drug cyclosporine. However, for the majority of cases a non prescription cream, such as our Eczema Fast Healing cream, will control the condition very effectively. The cream contains a unique combination of clinically proven healing and soothing natural ingredients such as our exclusive AP4 genuine virgin aloe, arnica, zinc and vitamins A,B, D and E. Used regularly the eczema cream will quickly heal red, irritated dry, itchy skin and soothe stinging and redness, helping to restore and maintain healthier looking skin.

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