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Rock a Bye Baby

The arrival of a new family member can be a very exciting and nerve racking experience. Especially when that new family member is a new baby. Anxious parents will go running around making sure everything is baby proof, reading up on what to purchase for their new baby, researching good doctors for their new baby. It can be a very stressful time for parents.

One of the major problems that I experienced in preparation of my new little one was purchasing a baby crib bedding set. I went to so many stores and researched so many online store for the perfect one. After all I wanted to get the best set that will express the personality and theme that I was trying to achieve in my new daughter’s nursery.

Most of the baby crib bedding set I saw were very common and kept repeating in the stores. You will be surprised at the lack of collection that is out there. I was very disappointed and settle for the one that had the least pink in it. I was looking at a baby crib bedding set that had a red theme or design to it, and there was absolutely nothing out there. I feel that companies should provide a better selection or give us an option to custom create a baby crib bedding set.

Baby crib bedding set is expensive. So are the accessories that come along with it. For example the baby mobile is not included. Nor was the hamper or the diaper holder. Also they are not inter-changeable, meaning you are meant to buy it once. If you get tired of the theme and decide to go purchase a different one then you must go and match the hamper, diaper holder and the mobile all over again thus ending up spending a fortune again.

Also what if your baby spits up or the diaper leaks on to the bed sheet? The baby crib bedding set comes with just one fitted sheet. So you will have to wash and dry that one fitted sheet that day if you want your baby to sleep in his/her own crib and not next to you.

For my next baby I will design my own baby crib bedding set and see if I can create something unique that will reflect my taste.

G Johansson has written several articles about baby crib bedding sets. He has devoted his web site to helping caring parents finding the perfect baby bedding set for their children.

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