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Baby Teeth

Why does everyone always ask if your baby has teeth yet? Cutting teeth, is an expression coming from the fact that the first teeth have to cut through the gums. Some babies have no problems during teething, while others become irritable and have trouble sleeping. Often one day mom or dad look in babys mouth and a tooth has appeared, but its just as likely that baby has fussed for days on end and spotting the tooth provides the explanation. Babies start teething as early as 3 or 4 months and as late as 8 or 9 months. There is no definite time for getting teeth, except that all children should have gotten all their teeth by their 2nd birthday.

Other than drooling, symptoms baby may experience when cutting teeth are mild fever, upset tummy, difficult eating, and restless sleep. However, just because your baby has one of these does not mean it is due to teething. A small dose of pain reliever and fever reducer should quickly soothe the discomfort associated with teething. Teething rings, especially those intended to be kept in the refrigerator, help soothe sore gums, as well as rubbing tooth gel on the gums. The actual rubbing process does as much to help as the actual gel.

The most likely reason for why others ask about teething is to see if they are alone in their suffering. No one likes to be the only one experiencing anything, so knowing a friend or colleague has the same difficulties with a teething makes them feel better. Others may simply want to see if your baby cut teeth as early as their baby did; or maybe if other babies cut teeth as late as their child is. Rarely is the question intended to be anything more than wanting to be part of the same group. Be sympathetic and share ideas and teething may be easier for everyone.

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