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Baby Eczema – 3 Ways to Give Your Baby Relief

You would be surprised to know the number of baby eczema is pretty high. It’s sad to hear that a baby could suffer such an irritating skin lesion. Eczema can appear as an inflamed rash at first and then escalates into cracking scaly skin. This is a very itchy skin condition even for babies. Sometimes in extreme situations it could lead to infection and bleeding. Although there isn’t a clear cause or definite cure for eczema you can help your baby by treating the eczema and giving them relief. There are three ways to relieve baby eczema.

First you could avoid giving your baby food that contributes to eczema. Cow’s milk and eggs are at the top of the list of main culprits. After that is soy, peanuts, wheat and fish. There are always other alternatives that provide the same nutrition. Although food is rarely the cause of eczema it is good to try everything you can to help your child. Don’t forget to give your baby plenty of water to keep their skin well hydrated and to prevent it from drying.

Another way to give your baby relief is to use cotton materials for their bedding and only cotton clothing. Anything that can irritate the skin and doesn’t breathe should be avoided. Scratchy fabrics like wool will worsen the condition of your baby’s skin.

Keeping their skin moist all the time with gentle moisturizers is very important. There are many safe moisturizers you can use for your baby to keep the skin from drying. Always ask a doctor though before applying anything to your baby’s eczema because there are many moisturizers that can worsen the condition especially if they contain fragrance.

The three things I mentioned above include foods to avoid, natural fabrics and moisturizers. These are the most common ways to help with baby eczema. You should always be cautious with everything your baby touches. Eczema in babies could become chronic if proper treatment isn’t carried out. Everything you use for your baby should be natural, soft, and without chemical fragrances. Hopefully your baby will grow out of it like the majority of children do.

Charlotte writes online about how to help your baby cope with baby eczema and also writes on how to find an eczema cure.

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